Strenght Training Workout Log for Saturday January 6th 2007

narrow grip military press 98.5 before work goal 10 reps did 10 excellent rep 10 a bit tough but did it. think last time I did reps slow. I lower as soon as it is at top, don't hold at top, think I did that last time. 1/2 pound a week and 100 is within reach. Could really try for 1 pound next time if I am crazy. Reverse grip military press after work later 107 goal 5 reps increasing 1 pound just for the hell of it did 5 reps very godo though last rep was very very tough surprised it went up even rep 4 was tough.

Backsquat 132 goal 8 reps did 8 reps

Straightleg Deadlift 171 goal 19 reps plus 1 pound and 1 rep goal did 18 only up 1 pound but not one rep did slow lower last few reps with less cockeyed lower so was good.

Dumbell Row 75 plus bar goal 13 and 10 did 13 and 10 very good next time increase weight some maybe 2 and 1/2 think on it maybe more.

Upright Row Narrow 103.5 goal 7 did 7 reps so same reps up 1/2 pound

Power Clean from floor 136 goal 9 reps plus 1 pound goal plus 1 rep to 9 reps also. Might try with push press after also.Did 8 reps only plus 1 pound and same reps. Seemed real tough. Push pressed only first 3 reps. Did not rest a lot after dumbell row also could be a factor still progress on power cleans is good. Push press part after is optional naturally.

Dumbell Curl increasing 2.5 pounds to 42.5 plus bar or 46.5 did 6 right 3 left. Work back to 10, did nice and slow with slow lower and good form.