Weight Training Workout Log for Tuesday January 9 2007

Wide Grip 103 goal 8 reps. Did 8 reps very very tough required all of my muscular strenght, bar grazed head on rep 8, not on purpose though so counting as a clean rep. and rep 8 was very tough. Reverse grip military press 107.5 goal 5 reps passed on instead tried seated with 95 reverse grip did 7 reps. Different with no back rest felt about like standing. Might rest a bit and try bench with 100 getting weight into position no sawhorses just doing on bench to be different. Did 100 x 13 wide grip sat down lined up knees so I would go right back with head on back of bench and then just lifted weight up onto knees rolled it down a bit and got at it. unique when failed just rolled back then lowered onto floor.

Front Squat 113 goal 10 reps. Was a bit sore in legs felt a slight bit nothing major just seeing what I can do on this. Did only 9 reps could not get that 10th rep. Next time will get that 10th rep will not increase weight next front squat workout. Failed on rep 10 attempt at bottom. Form seems better with wrists locked braced against body and good up and down form without knees bowing in till last few reps. Did feel in wrists big time. Will get 10 reps next time. Then can go up to 115 workout after.

Deadlift bent leg 230 plus 3 pounds do what I can do plus 3 pounds might do only 8 or 9 reps will see.did 8 reps and they seeemed tough, some lowered in a slight cockeyed fashion. Seemed awkward. Fingers failing on last rep but could hold at top. Interesting.

Upright Row Wide 99 goal 8 reps did 8 reps form not the best on last few reps but ok.

Barbell Row 173 goal 7 really good reps or 8 total could only do 7 do question range of motion and back angle changing not intentional though. Trying to pause a bit at top too. So up 1 pound and same reps. Could alternate doing this slow with hold at top with faster cheat style reps with leg drive and some low back drive, think on it.

Hang Clean 115 plus 2 pounds just do what I can do did 7 reps with leg drive strange leg bends I think but up it went minium low back drive. Felt finger sensation in grip not fingers failing but felt weight pressing on fingers throughout lifts, no feeling really in wrist. Did not try for rep 8. Next time will lift till I fail half way up to be sure I am not stopping early. This goes for hang cleans and power cleans.

Dumbell Curl 26.5 plus 1/2 pound light adding weight this time just seeing what I can do preacher bent over style right 21 all strict and felt burn a bit left 15 all good form.