Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday January 13th 2007

Side or low back slightly sore when twist tested rows with 25 pounder no problem and military press with just bar. So seeing if this will affect lifts if so will not lift today. Reverse Grip Military Press 107.5 goal 5 reps might be less because narrow grip was off a rep too. Did 5 reps very good. I think on narrow grip I might have been pushing them up straigher and at less of an angle could have affected rep loss but I am not sure. Next time I should get back to 10 reps as its my usual rep range as part of my serious strenght training I hope.

Military Press Narrow grip 99 could only do 9 reps. No sensation in lower back during lift though. Next time see if can do 10 reps same weight. I hope I can.

Back Squat just trying with 135 big plates did 5 only. Keep to this weight or just add 1 pound a workout to get back to 10 reps or so. Some reps went up cockeyed I could tell angling up. Felt nothing in sore area at all. I might have been focusing more on slow lower and not good morning the weight up as much could have cost a rep or so not sure though. Progress from here one pound a workout try for reps too.

Bench Press old school style trying with 105 did 13 reps, bar grazed big support beam pole on some reps not reallty a factor but remember to readjust next time. I get in position sit up then lift weight to rest on knees then lay back roll weight back a bit and arch to help the weight slide back I believe. Then rep it, when finished I roll weight down chest and down abs then sit up and rest weight on knees then lower weight to floor.

Straightleg Deadlift 172 pounds plus 1 pound goal 19 reps, Did only 18 reps, fingers held ultra tight but hamstrings and glutes failed so could not get weight up without bending legs which I did not do. Next time might just try same weight and really try hard for that 19th rep. So same reps but gained 1 pound. Fingers were holding ultra tight.

Upright Row Narrow 104 goal 7 reps did 7 reps seemed real heavy, rested at rep 4 last 3 reps lean in a bit, real lean in last two reps. I wonder if all the delt work and the extra bench press is really making this movement hard to progress in due to prexhaustion. Wonder what happens if I start doing this first before anything else and military press, probably won't though.

Dumbell Row 80 plus bar or 84 up big 5 pounds so just doing whatever reps I can do. Did 7 right left 5. Work back to 10 then go up 2 and 1/2 pounds.

Power clean from floor 140 plus 4 pounds just do what can do. did 6 tried for rep 7 knew it would not go so deadlifted it and basically and that was that. Left wrist felt during hold part at top.

Dumbell Curl heavy 46.5 goal 7 and 4 did 7 amd 4 think form was ok basically last few reps a bit of a lean in this is the norm though. Left arm felt sensation in forearm area during lift I think. Didn't seem to affect lift though.