Weight Training Workout Log for Tuesday January 16th 2007

Before work wide grip military press 103.5 goal 8 reps did 8 reps very tough but did not graze head like I did last time. Reverse grip Military press 108 goal 5 reps did 4 could only do 4. Oh well. Might have been due to stricter form or slower lower or hesitation on first rep not sure I was pushing it up more or outward like incline press. Not an issue but I did pause on the rep a bit.. See if can get 5 next time. Quality reps seem to help me build strenght fast even if I do less initially.

Front Squat 114 goal 10 reps last time did 9 reps with 113. Did 10 reps massively felt in left wrist throughout from like rep 5 on.

Bench Press old school style 110 did 13 so same reps up 5 pounds. Felt on way down, setting up I had to do a scoot after settled because head was not on bench good I felt. Getting set up its largelya back arch to get it set up I think less rolling. On getting it off I roll it, I think there are other techniques though also. Pecs had a sensation after along with abs from rolling it down. Might research other ways to get weight off sitting up with it in down position or other ways without rolling.

Heavy Deadlift 231 goal 9 reps last 230 x 8 (did have cut on right hand finger and right thumb doubt will be a factor with grip but just noting it ahead of time) Did 8 only and really a regrip at bottom of rep 8 I suppose. Won't count it as such though, maybe a 1 second pause or so and regripped though. Rep 9 would not come up. Felt sensation in left triceps or elbow area might be forearm muscle even after movement. Really want to get back to 10 reps. I took a natural grip on this one not even really trying to grip hard or line thumb up with other fingers and mash down on them. I could start doing straightleg deadlift, bent leg, then max bent leg, and continue cycle like that. It might help my grip even. Think on it or thickbar deadlifts incorporated into cycle.

Wide Grip Upright Row 100 goal 8 reps plus 1 pound though so might drop to 7 reps will see. did 8 reps but 8th rep missed the chin, or perhaps I leaned in less in part too. Next time could stick to this weight and aim for 8 good reps to chin or try for that and increase 1/2 pound. Think on it. I use more force on this than narrow more "momentum? and I grunt a bit, yet I see no leg or low back drive in the movement to my knowledge.

Barbell Row 173 same weight as last time goal 8 good reps. Focus on form and not changing back angle during movement or missing abs on last rep, see what I can do. Did 8 all to abs I believe with some low back angle change but not much I don't think. Did not do this reps with hold at top and slow lower though. But I wanted those 8 reps so this is good.

Snatch instead of hang cleans this time, did it two weeks ago so every other week with this workout and last. Doing 96 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps. Did 7 reps, the lower part basically is fast then hits into legs a bit at bottom. I wonder what real negatives on this are like. Balance a real issue even at top

Barbell curl 96 goal 6 reps last did two weeks ago with 95 x 5. did 5 only still up a pound not bad, but can't gain a rep and a pound, to be expected I suppose. Might do cheats with 135 from hang after words did 3 only failed on rep 4. Lowered sorta slow on first rep and not nearly as slow on others I think. Still could not lower as super slow as would be under "complete control" like with normal lowering a weight. Some leg drive on rep 3 I think. Don't think I used much leg drive on other reps.