Weight Training Workout Log for July 16, 2006

Military Closegrip 90 pounds goal 10 reps did 9 reps only could not get 10, hope to get next time Could be due to extrme strict form or lowering nice and slow and full ROM or just no biggie will get 10 reps next time I hope.

Front Squat 90 pounds goal 9 reps did 9 reps very good. I believe fairly sure its full ROM ATF do lean forward slightly to make easier though but no big deal I think. Would be interesting to film workout and see the form I use on everything, may have to get camera and do sometime.

Heavy Deadlift trying with 220 reduced from 225 to try to get closer to 10 rep range. Checked weight opps I have been doing 220 past 2 workouts. Just do reps I can do no worries, focusing on good grip this time though. Left finger had cut in index finger slight doubt will be factor though. Just finding out. Quads still sore after squat so waiting a bit of time. Did 4 reps which is progress. Fingers still felt to be slipping a bit but held throughout. Could be sweaty palms and just heat a factor. Aim for 5 reps next time if can do that then may either stick to just this till get to 10 reps or begin alternating with straightleg deadlift. Think on it.

Barbell Row 155 goal 6 reps did 6 reps good, Do question ROM every time and tend to want to keep legs straight or bend always kind of automatically confused it seems. Last rep pulled up not as far but thats ok its last rep. Could drop weight way back and see what strict form is like might tryt his for experiment.