Free Weight Strenght Training Workout Log for Tuesday January 23rd 2007

Wide Grip Military Press 104 goal 8 reps did 8 reps seemed pretty easy, nice strict up and down, rep 5 or 6 missed chest by accident by a slight amount, not an issue though others easily made to chest and up. Next time maybe go up to 105 with bigger plates or with two quarters per side, think on it. . Reverse grip military press 109 goal 5 reps decided to not change plates and just try it with 115 reverse grip and big plates. Might even push press up last few. Did 2 strict and 3 cheats.

Front Squat 115 doing with 25's now to save a weight change decided to use 35's instead see what I can do rep wise, I think 8 to 10 will see though. did 8 nice and fairly strict better form than usual and fast. felt a bit in left wrist afterwords.

Bench Press 116 plus 1 pound goal 13 reps 12 will suffice did 11 only and it seemed tough. Lower part was different instead of roling kind of lifted it and set it down I think. Probably push presses weakened triceps and delts more than usual on reverse grip or would have rep 12. Not sure, see how I do next time. Still same reps plus 1 pound and I do this twice a week. Chest felt afterwords.

Heavy Bent leg Deadlift 232 goal 9 reps did 9 reps, fingers failing on rep 8 real bad rep 9 pulled it up with fingers holding and giving only and no thumb mashing in, still raised far enough that I am counting as a rep, thought about regripping but did not do this. Next time might can do 9 reps strict with 233 and no finger failing at top and can hold at top or maybe even 10. Was some fluid movement inside stomach distracted me no big deal though. Felt sensation in left forearm area afterwords but not during.

Barbell row 174 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps did 8 reps all seemed to be consistant range of motion and form. No major back angle change I think. Seemed hard though. I wonder if I went lighter I could do them with better form and pull up higher. Still seem to be progressing fine on these as is. Have added slight bent leg nature originally did them straightleg, no low back momentum or leg drive in rows. I wonder what cheat rows would be like for me. Also wonder what mixed grip deadlift would be like on deadlifts.

Widegrip upright row 101 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps might only do 7 will see. Usually don't increase this much a workout on this movement. did 7 only failed 1/4 or 1/2 way trying for rep 8. Did some reps on tiptoes but no low back or other leg drive. Might just try for 1/2 pound a workout, or try for that rep 8 next time. with same weight think on it.

Snatch trying with big 100 plus 4 pounds just do what can do. probably 3 or 4 reps or so did 4 reps. Failed lifted it up could tell afterwords.

Dumbell Curl light goal 22 and 16 did 25 right very good did 17 last one a litltle cheaty still very good. can progress on this working it once every two weeks it seems.