Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday January 27th 2007

As usual I mainly stick to a full body routine composed of core exercses.

Narrow grip military press 100 using halves and quarters, next time go to 2 and 1/2 plates did 10 reps very good. . Reverse grip military press 110 goal 5 reps, possible I might drop a rep though. Could only do 4 reps, its ok though. Can stick in this range or cycle back when get to 115 think on it.

Back Squat 137 goal 7 reps did 7 reps very good.

Bench Press old school 117 plus 1 pound goal 12 or 13 reps did 11 reps only so can go up either 1 pound a workout or two a week or try to gain reps without gaining reps, but not both. That rep 11 was tough. Rep 10 seemed a bit tough also. Awkward getting into position also.

Straightleg Deadlift 173 same weight as last time goal plus 1 rep to 19 reps did 19 reps rep 19 was real tough kind of leaning about doing lift real slow but kept legs straight. Bent leg lowered but counting rep, very good. Maybe next time can get 20 reps. Fingers held prefectly throughout, never felt a thing them loosening or anything.

Dumbell row with 80 plus bar or 84 goal 9 and 7 did 9 and 7 left side wrist wobbling about a bit rep not as controlled, seemed I was going to drop almost but didnt. Good though.

Upright Row Narrow 105 goal 7 reps, trying with 2 and a 1/2 pound plates might drop a rep will see. did 7 reps and before dumbell row good, a bit more lean in on rep 7 especially and slight rep 6 but real good I believe.

Power Clean from floor 142 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps plus 1 rep also but 7 reps will suffice. did 7 reps rep 6 and 7 very tough but did, did not attempt rep 8 knew I couldn't do it.

Dumbell Curl heavy 46.5 goal 9 and 6 did 9 right up one rep and 4 left down one rep, think was just temporary on left due to hang clean dumbell row or some other movement. Hope for 5 or 6 left next time.