Weight Training Workout Log for Tuesday January 30 2007

Wide grip military press 105 with 4 quarters go to regular 2 and a 1/2's next workout goal 8 reps did. Opps did 110 with quarters instead and 6 reps. Explains why it seemed heavy. Next time try regular 105 with 2 and 1/2 pound plates or wide grip 100 x 10. . Did before work. Reverse grip 110.5 goal 4 reps or 5 done after work. did 4 reps only still up 1/2 pound. When get to 115 could drop back to 110 an dhave more reps, or just keep going up in the 4 rep range. Think on it.

Front Squat 116 goal 9 reps did 8 reps still plus 1 pound. Felt a lot in left wrist this time throughout movement and after. Slight feeling in right wrist after. Seemed tough. Did not gain the rep but did gain a pound. Torso was moving about during left, a while back I did with wrists braced into chest and hardly moved not this time. Next time might get 9 reps may go for plus 1 pound also, or same weight and go for the extra rep all out.

Bench Press Old school 118 plus 1 pound goal 12 reps 11 will be same reps plus 1 pound that will suffice but 12 reps would be real nice. Just do what I can do, military press will affect bench after all. Did 10 only so lost a rep. My set up seemed off. I wonder what happens if I do bench first. That will be one of my exersise tips for myself to consider for next time.Next time may try with just 1/2 pound increase see if I can get 11. If not may try microloading some more or alternating reverse grip military and this movement see if that helps. I wonder what happens if I bench first. I don't want if to affect my military press progress though really. My setup seemed a bit off on this, head not on bench all the way. grip seemed to be a bit off center had to adjust before first rep, could have cost me a rep, hard to see, try next time and see. Could do one day old school the other off sawhorses even though its elevated, consider it.

Heavy Bent leg Deadlift 233 goal 10 reps did 9 only oh well, basically dropped weight on rep 2 real awkward like leaned forward or something odd. Kept holding and did to 9 reps amazingly, fingers failing on rep 9 big time. Felt fluids moving inside a bit odd did just eat somethign though. Rhtyhum got off so like rep 2 had that thunderous lower accidentally not sure how it happened. Not biggie but through my rythym off, felt "burning" sensation in left hand from the weight it held afterwords also. Maybe next time can get the 10 reps, will increase 1 pound next time also in case I can't, Make sure to eat long before I deadlift also so fluids moving inside stomach is not a distraction. Still plus 1 pound so its progress.

Barbell Row 174 goal 9 reps same weight as last time last time did 8 reps, would do 175 but would have to tape on small plates. Get 9 even if have to really cheat up that last rep with momentum but 9 reps is coming. Then stick with same weight on straightleg deadlift next time and get to 20 reps. then can increase weight to 175 on barbell rows with 2 and 1/2 pound plate. Did 9 I do question range of motion on these, I seem to have been standing might upright. Some reps more touched shirt than abs. If get straightleg deadlift to 20 next time I will increase this to 175 and focus on form strict regardless of rep drop.

Upright Row wide grip 101 same weight as last time goal 8 reps no matter what even if have to really cheat with momentum that last rep up. Did 8 very good last rep even touched chin brief though nto as long as other reps or with as much force. Was elevating up on calves to get some extra drive but no low back or upper leg drive at all on these. Good.

Snatch 101 plus 1 pound goal 5 reps. Find a way to get it up if at all possible. Even if have to rest a real long time, will increase weight microloading style next time. Did 5 very good. Lowering part is tough as always its more a slam to the ground I slow a little bit.

Barbell Curl strict 97 pounds goal 6 reps 5 will suffice and I expect that though did 5 and was grunting like an animal doing them. I think form was very strict, maybe a nearly microscopic body sway not intentional or back to help on lift at all. then cheat curl from hang 136 goal 4 reps last 135 x 3 did 5 very very good I am impressed. Used momentum did from hang kind of bounced against knees a bit. Lowers somewhat under control but still not that under control. Did not try for a rep 6 felt I was done. Fingers felt during lift not giving just pressure sensation from deadlift weight I imagine.