Weight Training Workout Log for Tuesday February 6 2006

Wide Grip Military Press exersize testing with 100 pounds goal 10 reps did (before work) Will start from 105 or 110 next time think on it. Might not do 10 reps will see though. Just a check. Can continue from 105 and scale back or from this point and scale forward then try again after 2 pounds more increase or so if need be. Do them fast I really want 10. did 10 reps very good a bit more struggly than narrow grip, rep 2 did not fully touch chest but not done on purpose rest did was an accident. Need to be more careful and make sure all reps touch chest in future. Very impressive though goal reached 10 reps narrow and wide grip. Have to decide if will start from 105 or 110 next time.

Front Squat 117 plus 1 pound goal 9 reps did 8 only can't gain a rep and a pound a week, second workout in a row this has been true. Failed at bottom position. Wrists felt it too. Next time might just do same weight and try hard for 10 reps. Knees do bow in on this a bit not too bad except later reps interesting. Stay fairly upright till a slight lean last few reps I think. (before work)

Reverse Grip Military Press 111.5 goal 4 reps did 4 reps last one tough as usual. Will be at 115 in no time. Nice good lowers to chest on these also. (before work went in at 4 supposed to be 2 but changed)

Bench Press 119 plus 1 pound goal 10 reps. 11 would be nice though. did 11 reps excellent, had nice 15 minute or so rest period after reverse grip military press, that helps I imagine. Next time 120 with bigger plates. First rep seems toughest always I think its due to lack of stretch reflex and starting from bottom after that reps are easier. Rep 11 tough but went up. (Before work)

Heavy Bent leg Deadlift 234 goal 10 reps did 10 reps very good. Uneven level on rep 9 or 10 not done on purpose though. Very good. up a rep and a pound. Fingers held very firm throughout. Ready for 235 I think. Left biceps sensation before lift a bit and after. Could be due to reverse grip military press and its slow lower or holding, not sure not a real factor just noting it.

Barbell Row 175 with 2 and a half pound plates goal 10 reps but 9 will suffice might do less because of jump do 2 and a half pound plates so not worried. Will do same for straightleg deadlift and just work reps up from there probably or stick to same weight 173 and aim hard for 20 reps. Think on it. Did 7 which is ok with slow controlled movement, consistant range of motion also. Left forearm area felt something afterwords. Can work to 10 reps from this no biggie easy.

Upright Row wide grip 102 plus 1 pound so its same as snatch weight goal 7 or 8 reps might just be 7 no biggie though. Did 7 reps first rep missed chin I think by accident, others got better think made to chin ok. Was a larger increase than usual also. Next time make sure all are to chin still good I think.

Snatch 102 plus 1 pound goal 6 reps 5 will suffice though did 5 only so same reps up 1 pound, this lift is tough. Rested a bit between reps and longer rest before last rep.

Light Dumbell Curl 26.5 concentration bent over seated on bench goal 26 and 18 (did feel some left arm biceps sorneness earlier couldbe a factor not sure) Did 19 left did first and right (not sure if did right first or left so did left with 19 after first set then did right with 26. I might have done right side first with ultra strict form and did only 19 I am not sure. Did again and got the reps I wanted in any event. Next time I do heavy dumbell curl I rest a long time after power cleans to make sure everything is well rested up. I hope my left side goes to 4 or 5 on heavy curls next time right I think can get to 10 maybe also. If don't get 4 or 5 reps left side may finish with cheats and slow lower unless left biceps really feels off. May finish with cheats with slower lower anyway think on it.