Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday February 14 2007

Wide grip Military Press which is a good upper body exersize used 111 pounds goal 6 reps did 6 only last one tough, one rep grazed hair on head a bit no big deal. All seemed real good form though. Felt a bit on left wrist afterwords. . Reverse Grip Military press 112.5 goal 4 reps did 4 reps rep 3 tough rep 4 very tough very tough indeed but went up. Feel a bit in left biceps or left forearm afterwords seems to be left biceps not that noticeable but a bit..

Front Squat 118 goal 9 reps did 8 only did not attempt 9 knew I would fail. So same reps up 1 pound. May do same weight and try to just get that 9th rep next time. Left wrist felt a lot after, right a tad bit. Knees did bow in but this is how I do it, fairly upright except on last few I think. Progress is progress

Bench Press 121 goal 10 reps or so did 10. Regripped at top, forget to line up so when I sit back I am right on bench, all worked out though, failed at top. partly lowered so weight ended up farther down with less roll I think.

Deadlift Bent Leg 236 plus 2 pounds with bigger plates goal 10 reps did 10 reps or ever how many can do. Did 9 only, felt fluids moving about in stomach a tad bit nothing too bad. felt in left biceps forearms area after. Fingers held good. Will get 10 reps next time.

Barbell Row 175 goal 8 reps withnot so good form. Legs basically straight, back like locked into place I think except last two reps. Last rep 8 was like almost vertically standing up not even to abs, rep before probably barely touched. Question this a lot. Done nice and slow though. Next time might focus on 6 or 7 real good ones and then max out cheats after with leg drive and back drive but slow lower, consider it.

Upright Row wide grip 103 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps 6 will suffice, not worrying on it. Was playing half pound increase but oh well to make things easy. Did 7 pull fast on these not as smooth and basically pop myself in chin with bar. Slow is just tougher on these. Felt a bit in left forearm after.

Snatch 103 plus 1 pound goal 5 reps did 6 reps very good. did with little rest very little between reps, a slight rest between rep 5 and longer between rep 6. Noise grunt before each rep. All seemed good no pressed out snatches or anything. No leg drive though.

Barbell Curl strict 98 pounds goal 5 reps did 5 very good, rep 4 tough rep 5 very very tough. Strict form though tough on left biceps felt it big time, felt nothing in right biceps. Did not try for rep 6 5 was it as usual up 1 pound. Soon will be at 100 I think in 4 weeks if goes how I plan. Cheat curl from hang 137 goal 6 reps 5 will suffice though did 6 reps very tough felt in fingers as I held it in hang position before curling for each rep. Up a rep and a pound very good. Lower was not really under control not that this is what I was really focusing on though. Since I have had bad left dumbell workout heavy last 3 workouts might rest 20 minute sand try normal heavy curl weight with both arms just to see what I can do. Practice light with 27 then 46.25 for reps as usual. Rested 30 minutes then did dumbell curls with 46.5 9 reps right usual cheaty on them a bit and 0 left, repped out with 30 hex left 8 reps very very strict. Next time might try something drastic to get left biceps strength going up again, so separate weight for left side maybe. Might try using 30 strict or create a 35 or 40 or so with new dumbell bar.