Weight Training Workout Log for Sun February 18th 2007

*Used my usual good exersizes consisting of mostly compound movements as usual for this workout.

Narrow Grip miliatry press 102 plus 1 pound normallty woul djust do one half pound goal 10 reps might just do 9. did 10 very fast all touched properly on way down I believe. Just done fast no real pause at top. Reverse grip military press 113 goal 4 reps. did 4 reps.

Back Squat 140 plus 1 pound goal 9 reps 8 will suffice did 8 reps still up 1 pound same reps, was tough.

Bench press old school 122 goal 10 reps did 10 reps failed at top as usual.

Straightleg Deadlift with 175 and 2 and 1/2 goal 17 reps, did feel slight adductor sensation before lift for unknown reason trying anyway. did 17 reps good. No real sensation in adductor area during lift. Fingers held great. Did lifts slow on first few reps I know with less noise on lower probably trying to gause adductor.. Surprised I did so many. was tough got groove later on and lowered normally. up 1 rep very good. Left fingers felt afterwords middle finger.

Upright Row Narrow 107 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps might only do 6 though. did 7 seemed heavy, some reps raised up a bit on toes no momentum really. rep 6 a bit lean in rep 7 a way lean in.

Dumbell row with 80 plus bar or 84 goal 12 and 10 did 12 right excellent forearm control, leg felt a bit standing as always. Left 10 last few came up cockeyed rep 9 and 10 big time rep 10. But counting. Probably increase weight next time not sure how much maybe 2 and 1/2 think on it. Maybe just 1 pound with quarters. Don't feel it in left back immediatley after but 1 minute after feel something in left lat so it is workign the area.

Power Clean from floor 146 plus1 pound goal 6 reps 5 may suffice though. Want the 6 though. could do 2 only, wrists were sore trouble holding weight. Noticed right wrist soreness when I picked up a 45 pound plate with right hand. Not sure what worked the wrists so much. Will see how this lift goes next time but wrists definately limited this one this time.

Dumbell Curl heavy 46.5 goal 10 right and trying with 35 left because failed to move 46.5 last few times, will test with heavier weight than try lighter for left if can't do for reps. (wrist soreness affected power cleans probably will affect this big time also. will see) Believe it affected big time did 3 reps regular 46.5 then 5 with 34 right and 8 reps with 34 left.with good form. Might skip light dumbel workout next time and do another heavy dumbell curl just to see what happens with lift strength on alternate workout day. I think dumbell row is causing weakness in biceps and wrist but not sure. Its progressing nicely though.