Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday February 21 2007

Wide Grip Military Press 111.5 goal 6 reps (before work) did 6 reps, rep 5 and 6 were tough, seemed heavy even on first rep just holding in top position before press. Reverse Grip Military Press 113.5 last time barely did 4 reps. Trying again for 4 reps might drop to 3 reps its likely. Will see though. Did 4 very good, last rep tough but not as tough as last workout. Felt in low back a bit on rep 4 but very good.

Front Squat 119 goal 9 reps 8 will suffice though. Did 8 only and left wrist was killing me throughout movement. Felt slight sensastion in low back on one side not a big deal just noting it. Did not try for rep 9 as left wrist felt a lot throughout. Aftewords left wrist felt also and right a slight bit. I even kept the wrists almost locked into collarbone area throughout lift. Its reverse area that feels it also I believe. Still progressed one rep. Might try just adding reps and not weight see how that works out. Was able to add reps last time without adding weight though.

Old School Bench Press 123 goal 10 reps did 10 reps

Deadlift Bent Leg Heavy 237 plus 1 pound goal 10 reps 9 will suffice for plus 1 pound increase only but I think 10 is possible. did 8 only and felt something in left biceps during movement I think. Next time may try same weight and really really try for 10 reps. I think I will get it easy. Fingers did fail and I pulled rep 7 withthem coming loose and rep 8 with them totally letting go. Might consider doing deadlift earlier in routine, think on it.. Just to change it up could do Deadlift first, military press, front squat, reverse grip military press, bench press, Barbell row, Upright row, Snatch then curls. Think on it at least for bent leg deadlift as part of my new ideas exersize tips for myself.. Will do regular routine order no weight increase just trying for 9 or 10 reps next time. Rep loss could be due to not doing reps as fast, I kind of held at top for first two or so a bit longer than the norm I think. Could have cost me a rep. Next time do as fast as possible reps so this won't be a factor. Could alternate fast rep workout and workout with hold at top and slow lower just to see if that is different. Think on it.

Barbell Row 176 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps good or 9 reps very good. Focus on 8 quality reps most of all. Might rep out cheat reps when done, think on it. Just experiment rep out cheat reps afterwords. Did 8 do question range of motion on last few. Readjusted once that I noticed. Then rested 20 seconds or so and tried cheats did 3 felt sensation a bit in right wrist on these. I guess my reps were ok on this. I am more vertical on rep 8 maybe rep 6 and 7 I am not sure. I seem to be progressing but always question how many are good reps and consistancy of reps. Might just quit worrying and just try to increase weight/reps. I stand more vertical on last rep or two thats pretty much how it always is just like upright row last few reps are not as high up. Tested afterwords with 135 is much easier can pull it up higher abs or chest with almost no effort required differnence wise for one versus other, tried with normal wide grip and narrow wide grip about the same. Tried with reverse underhand grip seemed awkward so just did the one rep.

Upright Row wide grip 104 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps 6 will suffice, not worrying on it. Just going up 1 pound so snatch weight is same without requiring weight change might lose a rep I expect it soon if I keep it up. got the 7 do pull a bit on tippe toes a bit for some reps, no major low back or other momentum though but I do pull with some force I touch chin with force on each rep as opposed to slow and smooth up. Typically do 3 or 4 then rest a bit a few seconds and do rest.

Snatch 104 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps 6 will be acceptable though rest as needed between reps also. (decided to do big weight jump going for 110 might just do a few reps, just wish to mix it up though so doing this) Did 3 failed on rep 4 attempt. I don't think I pressed this out either seemed to be good to me.

Heavy Dumbell Curl 46.5 (skipping light dumbell curl to focus on this this time) right goal 10 reps did 10 very good left try with this then use 34 Left goal 6 did 0 with 46.5 almost one rep though, then used 34 and did 10 reps good form on all also. Might just microload with this on left side and quarter pounder a week might try with 1/2 a week for a bit at least. Might even try microloading with 1 pound a week till I get to 40 think on it. Don't even attempt the 46.5 with left again. Really really felt on left biceps doing this though. Expermental after rest trying right arm barbell curl with OLy bar trying with light bar first though. Did 6 right and 3 left I was amazed at the left ones, first rep seemed to not go but kept trying and it went. I did do these setting the weight in hand with assistance from other hand. Did not lift from floor kind of lifted with both arms then positioned one arm to hold it and did reps from there. Wonder what its like trying to grab from floor directly will test with right arm. Tested after dumbell set and one arm barbell and could do 39 x 4 dumbell curl left with good form. How can I curl barbell which is 45 pounds for 3 reps yet not move 46.5 pound dumbell for one rep? Maybe barbell is actually just 43 without clips or less or weight is farther away from bar don't think the farther away is factor though. But something to ponder. Will decide if use 39 pounds left side or 34. Might microload 1 pound a week till I get to 39, think on it. Or could aim to get to 30 plus two 1 and 1/4 plates and bar or 36.5 soon. Think on it.