Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday February 24th 2007

Narrow Grip Military Press 103 goal 10 reps doing reps fast might be tough and drop rep will see though. Did 10 reps fast with quick lower, held rep 10 at top for a bit even. Good so I may try to max soon or wait till I get to 105 think on it. Reverse grip military press 114 goal 4 reps might drop to 3 but will try my best to keep 4 reps did 4 reps tough last rep up a bit cockeyed but good. Soon will be at 115.

Back Squat 141 goal 9 reps 8 will suffice though. Did 8 reps up a pound but not a rep very tough though. Did not try for rep 9 sure I could not do it pretty much. Very tough.

Bench Press Old School done with my made to work home exersize equipment. I use a dumbell bench without upright rack and clean barbell then sit down then lay down and press. Its how it was done long ago so I can do it old school style too. 124 goal 10 reps did 10 reps good

Straightleg Deadlift 175 goal 18 reps 18 reps fingers failing on last rep but pulled up then sort of bent leg lowered and slammed last part of rep.

Upright Row Narrow 108 plus 1 pound again goal 7 reps might only do 6. just do what I can do. Did 7 last one real momentum lean in one before a bit. 3 or 4 at first done very strict.

dumbell row 89 plus 5 pounds 85 plus 4 pound bar crazy weight increase doing the reps I can do. Did 7 and 4

Power Clean 146 goal 6 reps last time wrists sore could not do 2 so using same weight as last time and last time goal reps. did 5 reps so up a pound from previous best at 5 reps ok not great considering last workout was a bomb was good, no major wrist sensation during lift either good.

Heavy Curl 49 right up 2.5 pounds did 5 total with 3 perfect and last two some lean in and back. Left 36.5 10 reps all very good felt during lifts though but very good may try microloading this with quarters.