Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday February 28th 2007

exersize benifits

(before work)Wide Grip Military Press 112 goal 6 reps (next time try for full 1 pound increase) Could only do 5 ah well. See what happens next wide grip workout. Did eat less yesterday but not a real factor I don't think and sleep only 4 hours or so night before. Reverse grip Military press 114.5 goal 4 reps did 4 reps, rep 4 very tough, felt very little in low back on last rep usually feel slight something, could be due to apron or just how it was this time. Rep 3 or so was standing a bit on tiptoes usually don't do that. I dont think it helped the rep all taht much just done accidentally too I think. Will increase to 115 with quarters then to 115 regular plates, might skip this next workout and do another wide grip after narrow, or a push press narrow or wide, think on it. Next time I do wide grip may stick to same weight and aim for the full 6 reps or add half pound, think on it. I think perhaps lowered slower or used better form more vertical up and down an that cost a rep, not sure. Will see how it is next time.

(before work) Front Squat 120 (2 and 1/2 plates so might just get 7 or so) goal 8 reps did 8 reps good, only last one a bit lean in otherwise wrists locked in position throughout. Very little rest between reps except a little bit at end usually rest more think that is what toasts the wrists more. Wrists only slight sensation after felt nothing during like usual. I think thats among the exersize benifits of working wrists via my power cleans and snatches.

Old School Bench Experimental, trying cleaning and laying down rather than lifting to legs and kicking into position. Could alternate also. Practice with bar first. 125 goal 10 reps did 10 reps good, with clean then sit down and reposition method. Afterwords did lift from bar on legs to starting position. Felt a bit in groin area and a bit on roll down abs for the two times, just set it on legs a while after finished first reps. Interesting. Noticed I arch back and butt a bit on way up on last few tough reps, helps get them up even though not doing it to decrease range of motion. Think it drives feet into ground to give more stable surface to push against or something.

Bent Leg Deadlift 238 plus 1 pound goal 9 reps or 10 would be excellent though. Do what I can do with reps fast though. Trying in new shoes also range of motion may be a bit more but why not. Might be more secure and help that way also will see. Did 9 only fingers failing still up 1 pound and rep from last time and up a pound from projected last time so good. Slight left arm biceps forearm sensation after only left arm. Might experiment between pound pound and a half and 2 pound weekly increases see what is sustainable. More than a pound is I think. Felt some fluids moving about also happens often on bent leg deadlift it seems. Not that noticeable this time though.

Barbell Row 177 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps did 8 do question range of motion on these as always.

Upright Row wide grip 105 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps may drop rep to 6 have been increasing weight on this a bit lately after all. Did 7 rep 4 not all the way to touching chin by accident I think rep 6 and 7 leaned in this is the norm though I think. Might go to 1/2 a workout soon or keep weight same a workout or so, think on it.

Snatch 111 heavy plus 1 pound goal 4 reps 3 will suffice though. Did 4 do question if I press out at end I don't think I do at all though. Felt fluids during lift did not try for rep 5 I moved about a bit on rep 4 walking about.Might be doing more a muscle snatch than a power snatch not sure. Might wish to film sometime so I can see for sure. Did another rep after snatch workout seemed to go up with no real press and fast I think its a legitimate snatch.

Barbell Curl strict 99 pounds goal 5 reps did 5 reps seemed last rep went all the way up may have stopped rep short accidentally but I don't think so pretty sure I didn't, some pauses between reps of a few seconds I noticed too. Felt big time in left biceps afterwords. Sometime I need to try against wall for max. Cheat curl from hang 138 goal 7 reps 6 will suffice though did 7 outstanding. Fingers felt a lot grip felt awkward, rep 7 was very very tough got it like stumbled about balanced but finally it stuck, rep 6 also tough as were some others. A lot like a clean I admit. Breathing hard afterwords this is like a compound lift. Lowers are tough one bounced against leg a bit even. Maybe next barbell curl day or some workout soon may try strict barbell curl against wall starting with bar and adding weight to see what I absolutely can do strict. Curious about max deadlift and max military press also. Will max out soon maybe 2 weekss or 4 when get to 105 x 10 narrow grip military press or sooner.