Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday March 3 2007

Military max attempts 125 130 135 140. Push press after did 125 130 sorta tough 135 did then 140 push press 145 did 150 did failed first attempt tried again standing and completed it, cleand 155 could not get more than half way up.

Deadlift Max Attempts 270 275 280 285 290 did 270 275 280 275 and 280 fingers difficulty holding and slam down at bottom 280 could not hold at top at all and a real smal down. Left wrist was sore from military press though and did deadlift second last max day did it first and could not eve move 280 off ground really so a plus 5 record on this. Doing first might make easier also next max time.

Front Squat Max Attempts as my lower body exersize did 135 140 145 did 135 140 145 140 and 145 were awkward on way up with lean and balance, but up they went.

Bench Press max attempts off sawhorses 135 140 145 150 155 160 did 135 with accidentail 2 and 1/2 pound on right side did 145 failed on 150. This is done several inches off chest but off sawhorses bottom position. Getting set up and used to bar not being so greatly lined up for push equally on both sides is perhaps a factor. Next time from sawhorses might be more.

Dumbell Row max reps with 100 pounder last 3 and 1 this time did 4 right 2 left form was very bad but consistant with last time I imagine.

Dumbell Curl max or strict curl barbell max with back against wall. Just do strict barbell curl against wall. Back against wall 45 55 65 75 80 85 and failed on 90, could not move weight but just a small part of way, back and head were strict against wall though.