Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday March 7th 2007

(before work) Wide Grip Military Press 112.5 goal 6 reps did 5 only ah well when get to 115 may either work in this rep range or drop to 110 and work back with 1 pound a workout to get to 6 or 7 rep range. rep 5 was very tough also.

(before work)Front Squat 121 goal 9 reps 8 will suffice though did 8. Felt rep 9 was possible but just failed at bottom.

(before work)Reverse Grip Military Press 115 with quarters and halves (decided to just use 35's to save weight change time see what can do) goal 4 reps did 4 reps seemd pretty easy except last rep still seemed I struggle less than usual on rep 4 also.

Old School Bench 126 goal 10 reps (cleaning into position) did 10 awkward getting into position cleaned and laid down fine head was a bit too far back so slid forward a bit took some doing. Felt sensation in left wrist from like rep 6 on but struggled to get 10 reps. Rep 9 and 10 was arching up for leverage after it was lowered was not done to decrease range of motion. Old school bench is among my exersizes to keep fit as its more than just pushing a bar form a laying down position due to my setup on it.

Deadlift 239 plus 1 pound goal 9 reps or 10 did 7 reps 6 real then regripped for rep 7, fingers not holding very firm, could have lowered slower because J here, not sure. Could be max out day affected lift. Try again same weight see if can do more reps next time. Then go to 240.

Barbell Row 178 goal 8 reps did 8 reps

Upright Row wide grip 106 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps may drop rep to 6. Did 7 very good one rep like 5 not all the way accident though. Rep 6 and 7 slight lean in. Other reps very very good less momentum even some tip toe type action though.

Snatch 112 heavy plus 1 pound goal 5 reps 4 will suffice though. Did 5 do question if I am pressing them out a lot at end or not.

Light Dumbell Curl goal 27 and 20 did 31 right outstanding and left 22

Afterwords rested and did 1 arm barbell curl with clips on did 7 right 4 left