Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday March 10 2007

Narrow grip Military Press 104 goal 10 reps (before work) did 10 with rep 10 very tough

Back Squat 142 goal 8 reps did 8 reps

Reverse Grip Military Press 115.5 goal 4 reps did 3 only ah well, think I will get 4 next time. Same weight also. Might not if wide grip done fast is better rep wise, will see. Rep 4 attept going up cockeyed like left side would not go so stopped trying knew would not go up. Rep decline could be due to hesitation or lowering slow or prexhaust with real tough rep 10 on military press regular. Try again 115.5 hope for 4 next time. Was a bit tired doing also. Will see next time.

Old School Bench Press 127 goal 10 reps did 9 only head not quite proper on bench, left arm troubles during last couple of reps big time. Could be due to lack of rest after reverse grip or weakness due to regular military same as affected reverse grip maybe. Try same weight next time see if 10 reps goes up. If trouble persists could begin alternating this with reverse grip military press as to which goes first. Think on it. Also could reduce to 1/2 pound a workout or just doing bench once a week to give more rest and just go for 1 pound more a week this way. two pounds via two one pound a week increases can't go on forever. Want to get to 135 though for 10. Could alternate with close grip bench press off sawhorses or regular grip off sawhorses too, think on it. have done bench in pm after doing both overheading lifts before work, lack of rest which was a large rest between movements coul dhave cost rep. Very likely. No biggie. Will really pay attention to reverse grip military press next time though see what happens. ( a bit more tired as did lifts a bit later than usual on Saturday could be factor too)

Straightleg Deadlift 175 goal 19 reps 19 reps did very good fingers giving a bit but still could hold at top well. Very good. Hope for 20 next time then can either go up 5 pounds or microload and aim to keep 20 rep range. Did very fast and slammed down hard but 19 reps I got. Might try alternating this style and slow lower to nearly make no noise sometimes as a variation focusing on negative. I consider this a healthy exersize as it works the hamstrings often neglected by most that lift weights.

Upright Row Narrow 109 plus 1 pound again goal 7 reps might only do 6. did 7 reps last rep a real lean in reps before a little lean in too I think this is typical though.

dumbell row 89 plus 5 pounds 85 plus 4 pound bar crazy weight increase doing the reps I can do. goal 8 and 5 did 9 right and 5 left. Trouble balancing weight with wrist left side big time, weight comed up weigh angled up on all left reps, nearly was dropping on every rep.

Power Clean 147 goal 6 reps Decided to go up crazy to 150 see how many can do did 3 reps, did not try for rep 4 picked up deadlift part and just knew it was not coming up.

Heavy Curl 49 right up 2.5 pounds goal 6 reps Left 36.5 plus 1 pound via 4 quarters to get to 37.5 goal 10 reps or so did 6 right very good and 10 left good. Left felt sensation during reps big time not like soreness though still pushed through it and got reps with good form. Might try another pound next workout then go to 39 with 2 and 1/2 plates. Left curl reps are better form than most right ones. First 2 or 3 right reps are near perfect though I think.