Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday March 14th 2007

Wide Grip Military Press 113 goal 5 reps did 5 only and it seemed heavy rep 5 slight struggle rep 6 coudl not get up more than 1/4 of way. Felt a bit in left wrist. . Reverse Grip Military Press 116 goal 4 reps, try real hard for the full 4 reps did 4 excellent did fast but very well done. Felt slightly in left biceps area always do.

Front Squat 122 goal 8 reps did 8 reps did not even attempt rep 9. Just felt 8 was my limit as usual. Felt a bit in wrists also.

Old School Bench Press 128 goal 10 reps 9 will suffice though. did 10 very good. Do arch or bring body up a bit for last two or three reps, do it on way up not way down so not affecting range of motion, must be a leverage thing.

Deadlift 240 goal 7 to 10 reps do fast as many as I can. Did 4 with fingers giving big time. I imagine weakened wrist and fingers and weakened legs from other movements is a factor. Might try this movement in same position next week with same weight and see if I can get 5 reps, if not may try doing this movement first and then military press and other movements, think on it. Might move this movement to first think on it also. May try doing first see if reps go up with same weight if not may deload to 230 or 235 and add weight at 1 or 2 pounds a week, think on it. Would be nice to be able to alternate thick bar and regular bar deadlifts too think on it.

Barbell Row 179 goal 8 reps did 8 do question where I am pulling reps to, not quite full range of motion I think. When get to 20 reps on straightleg deadlift will go to 180 and focus on form even if reps are less.

Upright Row wide grip 107 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps may drop rep to 6 did 7 with lean ins a bit, about how it always is though. Felt in hamstrings in the bottom position for some reason also.

Snatch 113 heavy plus 1 pound goal 6 reps 5 will suffice though. did 5 only so up a pound but not a rep, still very tough. Failed rep 6 made it like half way up.

Barbell Curl 100 pounds goal 5 reps did 5 reps make noises as its tough but did them pretty strict too I think. Cheat curls 139 goal 8 reps. Decided to go crazy and go up to 145 cheat curls from hang just see what can do did 3 definately felt could not really lower under control they were stopped by knees/legs really. These were really tough was grunting and struggling to get weight up and balance did walk about some on a rep or so.Might try a max cheat curl from floor next cheat curl workout or soon also. This was one of my best bicept workout as I love working with the bar and doing cheat curls from time to time.