Weight Training Workout Log for March 17th 2007

Narrow grip military press 105 goal 10 reps did (before work) did 9 only I think I did them sorta slow rep wise. Next time same weight or plus 1/2 pound and done very fast. Want that 10 reps again.

Back Squat 143 goal 8 reps did 8 reps good.

Reverse Grip Military press 116.5 goal 4 reps could only do 3, want that 4 back next time did 3 one workout 4 the next so its possible. See if I get reps back on narrow grip and reverse grip next time.

Old School Bench Press 129 goal 10 reps did 9 reps

Straightleg Deadlift 175 goal 20 reps did 20 reps very good increase weigh to 180 next time.

Upright Row Narrow 110 plus 1 pound again goal 7 reps might only do 6. did 7 reps some momentum and lean forward as usual though I think. When get to 115 might work up a bit than bring back weight and concentrate on ultrastrict form, think on it but want 35's on this.

dumbell row 89 plus 5 pounds 85 plus 4 pound bar crazy weight increase doing the reps I can do. goal 10 and 6 did 10 right, some difficulty balancing not too much but some. Left 6

Power Clean 151 goal 4 reps did 4 reps

Dumbell Curl heavy was my bicepts exercise my goal 7 reps right with 49 pounds and up to 39 left goal 10 reps or so did 7 right 10 left very very good. then one arm barbell curl bar plus 2 2 and 1/2 pound plates for 50 pounds did 7 right 4 left.