Weight Training Workout Log for March 20th 2007

Deadlift bent leg 240 goal 5 or 6 did 7 reps very good, fingers giving at top of rep 7, felt a bit in left forearm area after. Sore after big time nearly immediately.

Wide Grip Military Press 113.5 goal 5 reps did 5 reps felt in back a bit especially on clean and when setting weight down. Awkward on first rep last three seemed more under control as far as movement of bar. Back soreness had to adjust to I think during first few reps.

Front Squat 123 goal 8 reps did 8 reps very tough really felt in left wrist sorta felt in right wrist after left during big time. Felt in lowerback during movement also which was different because did deadlift before. Even felt during clean part a bit.

Reverse Grip Military Press 117 goal 4 reps, really want the 4 reps. Did 2 reps only I think deadlifts affected this lift. Keep same weight next time see if can get 3 or 4. Was most of the way for rep 3 but think sore back made it hard to lean back and get it. If get 3 reps next time I expect at minium, if don't get 4 may consider trying this movement first sometime just to see how reps differ could do narrow grip regular one week and reverse grip first the next week consider. Could also alternate reverse grip and dumbell one arm think on it. Or reverse grip and push press think on it.

Old School Bench Press 130 goal 9 or 10 reps did . Back was sore lifting weight off floor and lowering in front of bench. Did only 7 felt in wrist big time after rep 3. Stick to same weight next time goal is 8 reps. If back is super sore after deadlift next workout doing it first then may revert to doing it same order as usual as its affecting all other lifts I think almost.

Barbell Row might not be able to do hardly any reps trying with 180, Back is way sore just doing what I can do. Did 4 with low back sensation throughout. Tried to pick up first time and like gave up or failed, tried again and got up and rowed some. Real tough with low back like this though.

Upright Row wide 108 goal 7 reps did 7 reps with only 5 really touching chin last two way off from touching. Cound this as 5 good reps. One of the earlier reps missed chin by mistake too. So next time same weight and aim for 6 or 7 to chin.

Snatch decided to just skip because low back is so sore. Probably a wise decision.

My bicept workouts vary this time it was Dumbell Curl Light added 1 pound to take it up to 27.5 right 21 left 16 reps

For Next time really want narrow grip military press to 10 reps doing them ultra fast and only 1/2 pound more. Reverse Grip want back to 3 reps for sure next time and hopefully 4. Think the rep loss was just a fluke but not sure. When get to 120 on reverse grip will scale back to 115 and have more reps and work up from there. Bench press wish to gain reps back to 8 or 9 reps next time think its doable. Might reduce weight increases to 1/2 a week or 1 pound every other week or bring in alternate bench or push up exercizes for one workout a week or alternate reverse grip military press and bench press think on it. From now on when get close to next bigger weight plate on any military press variation use two quarters than next workout regular weight so I like get a week with no weight increase to adjust probably do this. I really want that 10 reps back on narrow grip military press, trying for it friday very hard very fast with no pause at top.