Weight Training Workout Log for March 23 2007

Narrow grip military press 105.5 doing very fast goal want 10 reps, did 10 very good, I think all locked out just no pause first few. Very good got the rep back. (before work)

Back Squat 144 goal 8 reps did 8 supports I am brushing a bit with back and butt on way up on many reps, kinda goodmorning it up to avoid but still working the legs big time I believe. (before work)

Reverse Grip Military Press 117 same weight as last time really want 4 reps doing fast, 3 would be improvement though from bad last workout. did 3 only with left arm struggle on rep 3, still improvement over last week. Might load back to 115 when get to 120 think on it. Really want to get back in 4 rep range. Probably microload 1/2 pound next week see if can get another rep probably not though. At 1/2 twice a week in three weeks will be at 120 then load back. (before work)

March 24th 2007 part two ( didn't finish because M)

Old School Bench Press 130 goal 8 to 10 reps did 8 reps left arm struggle more reall on rep 7 and 8 only. Failed in bottom position then kind of lifted a bit up and lowered to legs then sat up and carried it off.

Straightleg Deadlift 180 goal 15 to 20 reps just do what I can do. Did 16 good

Upright Row 110.5 goal 7 good reps did 7 first 3 or 4 nice and slow with slight chin lean in last three reps some momentum, left wrist felt soreness/weakness on last few reps. More controlled lift might work reverse wrist more as compared to fast movement where reverse wrist is statically holding weight less time.

Dumbell Row 89 85 plus 4 pound bar goal 11 and 7 did 11 right regripped on rep 8 then rep 11 and 9 and 10 poor wrist control. Maybe upright row slow nailed wrist and thats the reason. did 7 left wrist control not so good was angling it upward a lot.

Power Clean 152 goal 5 reps did 5 very good, little rep before rep 5. first two or three reps done with pretty much no rest. Leg dip on most reps to help, was tough.

Dumbell Curl heavy goal 8 reps right with 49 and plus 1 pound to 40 pounds left goal 10 reps or so. Did 8 right first 4 seemed near perfect no lean in or leverage cheat. Left 10 very good first 9 were very strict, rep 10 a little lean in I think. Very good though.

I had some fun with the bicept muscles with heavy One arm barbell curl crazy going up to 5 pound plates each side or 55 pounds from 50, just see if I can do any. Right 5 left 0. Next time I do one arm barbell curl go back to 2 and 1/2 pound plates or maybe that clips and two halfs for 6 pounds plus bar or 51 instead of 55.