Weight Training Workout Log for March 28th 2007

Bent Leg Deadlift 241 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps did 5 only and man did it feel heavy. Could have done reps faster perhaps thats the factor I did them slower it seems, fingers held firm though. Might try doing this move once every two weeks. Next time same weight see if can get 6 or 7 reps. Really want progress. Will drop weight back when get to 245 or so maybe.

Wide Grip Military Press 114 goal 5 reps did 5 very good

Front Squat 124 goal 8 reps did 8 reps good

Reverse Grip Military Press 117 goal 4 reps might only do 3 reps but really try for it. could only do 3 reps and third one was an angled tipped toed like lift. Load normal 1/2 pound twice a week till get to 120 then drop to 115 and see if have 4 reps think I will. Might do it when I am at 118 think on it.

Bench press old school style 130 goal 9 reps did 10 excellent surprised I got past 7 last few reps seemed so tough

Barbell Row might not be able to do hardly any reps trying with 180 goal 5 reps, did 5 nice and slow very tough on lower back especially lower at end I slammed it down.

Upright Row wide 108 goal 7 good reps, not increase weight this time, trying to do them more slow and controlled even if lose some reps. Did 7 with lean ins, first rep missed chin by accident, I always lean in a bit on these it seems. Next time plus 1/2 pound.

Snatch 114 heavy plus 1 pound goal 6 reps 5 will suffice though. Skipped last snatch workout because back was very sore, trying this time. Back sore this time too just seeing what I can do even if just one rep or so. Do my best. Did 1 even then seemed more a press out, rep 2 failed half way up or so. Rep 3 attempted but deadlifted a bit and set down I knew it was not going up. Next time deadlift in normal workout position same weight till grip and all adjusts I think. See how many reps down it is, might do first in workout every other week and do snatches in workouts with no bent leg deadlifts. Back was toast after bent leg deadlifts.

Barbell curl 101 goal 5 reps did 5 reps seemed pretty strict to me, maybe slight lean back on last few reps, nothing too bad I think. . Cheat curls from hang 146 goal 4 reps, 3 will suffice though. Skipped cheat curls because low back was so sore I missed not doing them as they give me the feeling of having massive bicepts

I think I will do bent leg deadlift in normal exercize order and focus on doing them fast. Just see how few reps I do doing the movement later in rotuine versus first as have last two workouts. Focus on doing reps fast, and not overemphasising negative as I think I was this time. I am not increasing weight next time either. Might do it firstr but in either event focusing on fast reps and not holding reps at top or lowering so slow I can think about weight benig heavy or anything.