Weight Training Workout Log for March 31 2007

Narrow grip military press 106 goal 10 reps did 8 think first few were slow for whatever reason. I think its fluke, see how do next time. Might be due to many 2 day rest days on lifting in a row now or exerting more energy unloading M or what not. Back did feel a little sensation soreness like but not quite when I awoke. Maybe need to eat more during day at work, work on that also. Just load 1 pound a week and doing reps fast. If stay in 8 rep range no big deal will drop back to 105 when get to 110 or so.

Back Squat 145 goal 8 reps did 8 reps, 8th rep was very tough.

Reverse Grip Military Press 117.5 goal 3 reps did 3 with left side really tough was kinda leaning about a bit to offload weight to right side and trying to stand on tiptoes. May deload this and narrow grip military press think on it. Definately reload when get to 120 reverse grip.

Old Bench Press 131 plus 1 pound goal 10 reps might do less though. Did 10 reps very good. Seemed to be sorta uneven feeling left side movement but I think bar went up fairly straight. Push up with torso during last few reps but lower to chest regular body position so I think it generate force upward not done to decrease ROM.

Straight leg deadlift 180 goal 17 reps, back feels a bit sore but doesen't seem to affect lower back deadlifting type strength, but could be a factor,doing what I can do on this. did 17 reps very good, last few uneven lowers, last one tried to lower even but still a cockeyed one side hits the floor first lower. Bent leg lower on last rep. Good though, back sorness did not affect this lift. For some reason on this lift I am reminded of one of the bodybuiding quotes of Ronnie Coleman "Light Weight baby."

Upright Row narrow grip 111 goal 7 reps did 7 reps first few pretty strict, rep 5 or so to chest level or so accidentally, lean in more on last two reps. But good I think under control not so much momentum.

Dumbell Row 89 85 plus 4 pound bar goal 12 and 8. Had wrist control issues right side and some left side last time. Did 12 wrist control not so good after rep 9 but regripped last time did not have to this time. Left 8 last few fingers slid down more like holding it in top of handle area versus middle grip area to make it more hammer like. Felt I was losing grip and control so did it so I would not have to regrip.

Power Clean 153 goal 5 reps or 6 would be excellent, 5 will suffice though. Decided to go up big time in weight to 155 doing reps I can do will be less I imagine. Did 3 reps lots of leg dip last two reps, good though. Have never cleaned more than 158 before.

Dumbell Curl heavy goal 9 reps right with 49 and plus 1 pound to 41 pounds left goal 10 reps or so. did 10 left very good very controlled and only 7 right did right ones very slow and under control though. Think next time 8 or 9 will occur next time do with faster slower maybe less strict form.

One arm barbell curl with 51 pounds do what I can do. Did 7 and 4 last rep each arm was very tough.