Weight Training Workout Log for July 25th 2006

Close Grip Military Press goal 10 reps did 10 reps rep 9 seemed tough ten real tough went up though its like I walked forward to change angle of attack but still a good rep. At least one rep lowered not quite to chest and raised early not done intentionally so not really a factor. Focus on form more. Will stick to this weight till wide grip is 10 reps also. Might consider super wide grip military with grip outside of rings rather than inside as another variation.

Front Squat with 90 pounds goal 11 reps did 11 reps good. Could increase weight 1 pound a workout or a week or begin alternating with back squat or keep at this weight till military press can increase also which would make this movment more a high rep movement. Think no it.

Heavy Deadlift with 220 goal 6 reps did only 5 and fingers failing had to regrip for rep 5. Being alternating with straightleg deadlift. Alternate with straightleg deadlift to allow more rest between heavy deadlift workouts. If that helps stick to that if not could begin doing one deadlift movement a week alternating but thats drastic and probably not necessary. Its finger weakness that is the factor. Could put this movmenet first also as leg weakness after squat could be a factor. But I kind of like present workout setup.

Barbell Row 155 goal 8 reps did 8 reps last rep pulled back to waist and not as much stomach but this is typical. Wonder what form would look like on film though. Might be fun to alternate this with dumbell row but not a requirement to progress I think. Did not feel as much in the hamstrings stabalizing as usual guess they got stronger jsut from this lift.

Upright Row 90 pounds goal 6 reps did. Doing before barbell row because weight is already set up. did 6 reps first 5 were absolutely perfect rep 6 a slight lean in but nothing much. Impressed with the form and ROM on this movement.

Dumbell curl medium 37.5 pounds plus bar new lift just doing because feel like it right 4 left 2