Weight Training Workout Log for April 3 2007

Bent Leg Deadlift 241 goal 6 to 8 reps (trying to do them faster with faster lower to get reps up) could only do 5 reps with fingers giving after rep 4 regripped and did 5. I will drop weight back to 230 and load back might be for the best. Might alternate rather I do snatches or bent leg deadlift so do bent leg deadlift once every two weeks. Think on it. Alternating straightleg and bent leg every other week an option also. Could load back 2 pounds a week till I get to 240 on bent leg deadift also. Think on it. Could also alternate a light and heavy bent leg deadlift day say 200 and 240 think on it. Have to change up something, alternating what I do or light heavy day. Could do light medium max so max every three weeks think on it. Or could deload to 205 and 240 or 230 or so think on it. But going to work in lower weight higher rep range regardless 5 reps is not so good for me. Need to get back down to 10 rep range or so. On bright side after this deadlift back does not feel so sore it affects other lifts. Think I will go with 205 and 241 alternating and working it up. 241 to gain reps 205 to gain weight. aim to get to 220 soon on the lighter side might start with 220 also think on it. If can get 242 for 5 solid reps it will be progress next time and 6 may be possible. Think it was fluke fingers did not hold for the 5 reps, fingers regripping a bit during movement on reps 2 3 and 4 slightly also. Another bent leg heavy strategy could be set weight down rest 10 to 20 seconds or every how long needed between reps to get to 10 reps. Hmm

Wide Grip Military Press 114.5 goal 5 reps did 4 only left side seemed to be struggling on first rep, real odd. Same weight or maybe 1/2 more see if the 5 reps returns. I think this might be fluke due to not enough rest or food.

Front Squat 125 goal 8 reps did 8 reps good. .

Reverse Grip Military Press 118 goal 3 reps did 2 only on well dropped rep on wide grip also. Might try for 1/2 more and really aim for that third rep next time. If doesen't come might have an issue and need to alternate this with narrow grip military press. Also if narrow grip military press does not go to 9 or 10 reps next time have an issue there also.

Old School Bench going crazy plus 4 pounds to 135 just see what I can do. did 8 reps I am pleased.

Barbell row 180 goal 6 reps did 6 nice and slow probably more a 45 degree angle though, low back not a limiting factor as much this time. Some reps barely touched but good I think for me.

Upright Row wide 108.5 goal 7 good reps did 7 some tip toe tendencies but I think I fought it off. Rep 5 accidentally not all the way up, rep 6 and 7 lean in a bit more than others.

Snatch 114 heavy have done 5 with 113 before and last time did only one with this weight because back was sore go goal is 5 or 6 with two being the minimum did 2 and 1/2 failed on rep 3 attempt most of the way up. still better than last workout and skipped because of back workout before. I am kind of slow at top of movment, don't think its exactly a press out though but slow rotate on last little bit maybe slight press still good to me. Would go wider and lighter to really do snatches that would count. Practice just with bar now. Trying to squat under. This lift really puts the bone, uscles and joints of the body in action together.

Dumbell Curl Light added 1 pound to take it up to 27.5 goal 22 and 17 did 25 and 18 good

Then experiment snatch with jsut bar super wide then did overhead squats. Snatched realy easy with wide grip right near edge of knurling just two inches or so away. Then did 10 overhead squats on two reps started to walk about last rep I did for real fail at the bottom.