Weight Training Workout Log for April 7th 2007

Narrow grip military press 106 goal 10 reps last time did only 8 do them very fast. did 7 only I think when I do fast I don't full extend on first few reps. Next time go to 107 aim for 7 or 8 reps do them very fast, partials if need be for first few reps then full extension inevitable as I get tired and rep speed slows. Also will deload to 105 when I get to 110 for sure maybe 108. I also noticed some reps I was pushing more vertical some at more of an angle like reps were awkward and was changing incline of motion throughout not smoothe. Really focus on this movement big time when get deadlift up. Could alternate regular narrow grip and push presses every other week same grip, might do this. Need to work on eating more after work and during work also and get milk and things. On second thought rest a bit and try again same weight done ultra fast see if I do more reps. Another set might affect bench press so skipping reverse grip military press this time so I can do this. Could do reverse grip military press one day a week and push press the other allowing same narrow grip frequency. I might do this. Seems a good idea. Done ultra fast could do 9 second set. Rep 9 a real struggle, first three or so very fast maybe even partials. But doing at fast tempo, then when got tougher reps were slower and easier to tell they were full ROM. Do this fast even if first few seem to be partials. Then push press can help with top part of movement's strength. Can push press regular military press weight or 10 percent more so same or 115 for example. Speed is the issue on this one.

Back Squat 146 goal 8 reps did 8 reps, boards definately do get in the way of back, butt, and chin area. I kind of good morning it up in part when graze boards. Maybe removing one board could help. Its what I am used to though and do regular front squats.

Reverse Grip Military Press 118 goal 3 reps (last time rep 3 was very tough deloading when get to 120 dropping to 115 or so) did SKIPPING and trying push press with 135 instead after two sets of narrow grip military press and bench so definately can do more next time. did 2 only with 135 push press after all the rest of the other pressing movements. Push press helped get the weight up but I was really pushing it to lockout, leg drive probably weaker from squats also. Fresh I could do more I am sure. Will try 115 range on push presses for next time, next workout will be reverse grip military press though. Wrists felt a bit after these push presses also.

Old Bench Press 135 goal 9 reps last time did 8 did (doing this before reverse grip military press, which I may skip and try push pressing instead. Did 8 only failed half of the way on rep 9 attempt so that is progress. Next time try hard for that 9th rep. Doing two overhead lifting sets before this probably cost me that 9th rep, so I think I will have it next time.

Straight leg deadlift 180 goal 18 reps did (might try experimental slow lower try to make very little noise as variation to do on this every other week, trying this time just to see how many or few reps I get. could do 10 only very slow, lower was about as slow as possible. Next time will do it fast. Will make for an interesting variation on this and a different way to serve as a stimulator for the hamstring nuscle.

Upright Row narrow grip 112 goal 7 reps did ( when get over 115 by a bit may deload to 115 for strict rep form) did 7 reps did lean in with momentum, first rep wrists felt weak and barely got it up. Then some more lean in and momentum to finish and get 7. When get over 115 deload to 115 and focus on form big time and doing reps slowly.

Dumbell Row 89 85 plus 4 pound bar goal 13 and 9. Doing this before upright row to see if it helps wrist control. Did 13 and 9 wrist control seemed ok, did kinda hammer grip it up with grip further down on plates and some momentum last few reps but good to me.

Power Clean 156 plus 1 pound goal 4 reps 3 will suffice though did 2 only failed on rep three half way up like dropped it. Maybe should have rested more before upright row. Really getting under it though. Next time same weight aiming for three reps. usually do upright row then dumbell row then power cleans this time did cleans right after upright rows I bet that affected the cleans.

Dumbell Curl heavy goal 9 reps right with 49 and plus 1/2 pound to 41.5 pounds left goal 10 reps or so did right did 10 left very good, last few a little leany but still pretty strict. right side did 8 reps same as did two workouts ago but only did 7 workout before so its good to me. When get to 10 reps right side will try for reps with 50 pound hex. When get to ten reps with it will begin microloading either with adjustable dumbell or hex. Really want 50 x 10 each arm then everything else can be done a bit at a time no big deal. Then focus more on barbell curl or one arm barbell curl possibly.

*optional One arm barbell curl with 52 plus 1 pound do what I can do goal 7 and 4 SKIPPING

*Optional overhead squat with 50 pounds instead of just bar goal 10 reps or so. DID 10 reps, snatched up very easy no slow down on way up at all. Then did 10 reps, stopped at 10 might could have done another or so but this is good I felt. Felt lift in legs naturally but also upper back and some in lower for stabalization. I noticed I was stepping around some on some reps towards end like for balance not done intentionally though and not towards end just sporadically. Good though. May do this lift sometimes also as alternate or in addition if feel like it.