Weight Training Workout Log for April 11 2007

Bent Leg Deadlift Light going with 220 did 10 fingers were giving on last rep also. Felt in legs a bit strangely. will do 240 or 242 or so for heavy next week. Did feel some fluids moving in stomach about. Will work back to 230 or so maybe 2 pounds more next time, and heavy workout will be 242.

Wide Grip Military Press 115 with 35 pound plates goal 5 reps did 4 only with last rep a slight struggle still better than the 4 reps I did last time with 1/2 pound less weight. When get to 120 or maybe 118 will drop back to 115 and see if I have 5 or 6 reps. Might load 1 pound a workout to get to that number quick because I will drop back weight soon anyhow. Might try doing this very fast like with narrow grip and see if that helps gain a rep. Fast raise and lower real fast. I bet it might gain me a rep or so.

Front Squat 126 goal 8 reps did 7 reps only wrist felt real weak left side. Walked around a bit on last rep 7 so did not attempt rep 8. No biggie next time will try for 8th rep I think I will get it too. This really works the the prominent mscle on the anterior aspect of the leg or the quadriceps more so than back squats

Reverse Grip Military Press 118 goal 3 did 2 only. When get to 120 drop to 115 and probably be in 4 rep range or so.

Old School Bench 135 goal 9 reps did 9 reps it was tough though but did it. Felt sensation in left wrist afterwords a bit.

Barbell row 180 goal 7 reps did 7 very slow controlled but I do these standing very vertical I know.

*Upright Row Wide Skipping

*Skipping Snatch 115 goal 3 reps

Barbell Curl 102 goal 5 reps did 5 reps seemed heavy on the first rep. Do question is I am curling all the way up or just most of the way up. Not really a factor as last little bit is the easy part anyway, but might focus on it next time a bit.

*Skipping Cheat curls