Weight Training Workout Log for April 14 2007

Narrow grip military press 106.5 goal 10 reps done very fast did 8 one was accidental partial rep to chest, and first few were really partials. Did not do many very fast. Next time focus on speed. Deload to 105 when get to 110 also. Next time really focus on speed even if first few are "partials" I think I am doing them more strict less lean back and all too. Want that 10 reps back bad.

Back Squat 147 goal 8 reps. First lift off failed throat pushed into board a bit and skinned left knee. Trying again. Second time problem also. Third time got it up and did 7 reps. Awkward on the way up with body grazing and all. Awkward on back also. Same weight next time goal 8 reps. Might consider doing this with one board unattached near head area. Will see how reps work next time. Will see if get plus 1 rep on front squat next time. Was a fluke hard to get into setup position. Will see how back squat is next time. Need to have backsquat weight rolled up farther I think of butt hits wood real easy. Half way or farther, think that was the issue this time.

Reverse grip military press going with 119 plus 1 pound. Goal 2 or 3 reps, when get to 120 will deload back to 115 perhaps. did 2 reps second rep I was angling up to assist weak side I noticed. Two more half pound increases and will be ready to deload on this.

Old School Bench press 136 goal 10 reps 9 will suffice though. did 9 really seemed heavy, last rep was tough to lock out took a while, but got it. I get in a groove after a rep or two and its easier I notice, then push with legs and upper body for leverage on last few I notice. Can't go up two pounds a week forever I know that. But may stick to that for now. Somtimes just increasing weight even if you drop reps is a good way to cause musce cell structure growth.

Straight leg deadlift 180 fast lower goal 18 reps did 18 at top of rep 18 bar rolled out and dropped. If I pause and rest too much during set the grip gives. This is progress though. Very tough.

Dumbell Row 89 85 plus 4 pound bar goal 14 and 10. did 10 right and 10 left. Fingers felt tense after left side. Ride side felt like I did them real strict and didn't go for cheats. No biggie right side rep thing, may try to increase soon. Grip on dumbell is getting torn up might have to switcth to other all steel no rubber cente grip dumbell. Left knee felt when doing right side because of skin during squats earlier could have been factor and very very tired.

Upright Row narrow grip 113 goal 7 reps did 7 all some big lean ins, rep 7 was only like half way to chin also. When get to 115 might drop back to 110 and focus on form, think on it. Have been increasing weight too fast I know.

Power Clean 157 plus 1 pound goal 3 or 4 reps failed first attempt, second deadlifted and felt it would not go up so stopped. Stripped weight to 135 and did 2 reps, rep 3 awkward grip position fail at top. Might deload to 135 or drop to 150. Think on it. Wrists, grip, and cuts on fingers might have been a factor. Controlled dumbell row weight with no wrist control issues.

Dumbell Curl heavy goal 9 reps right with 49 and plus 1/2 pound to 42 pounds left goal 10 reps did right 9 very good with slow lowers some lean to change leverage but no momentum. Will have 10 soon and can try for 50 hex, might load another pound or two to this so 50 hex will be easier 10 reps. left 9 only and very tough. Will stick to this weight next time see if can do 10 reps. Whe increase will be 1/4 a workout left side now.

Next time might try 115 reverse grip for the hell of it see if I get 4 reps or so. Then do 119.5 or so. When get to 120 will deload to 115 for certain.