Weight Training Workout Log for Tuesday April 17th 2007

Bent Leg Deadlift heavy 242 goal 5 reps or more. Did only 4 reps and had to regrip after rep 3. Just doing with 220 working back 1 pound a workout. See if that helps. Will do other lifts then come back and do this with 221 seeing if I can do 10 reps expermental style. Did 10 with slight regrip at rep 8 and rep 10. Split second readjust when weight was down not really noticeable. Did fart on like rep 7 or 8 also. If I did this fresh the reps might have been even easier. Stick to this weight range and add 1 pound a week doing this fresh at start of workout. See how that goes. Do them even with slight regrip between last few reps if need be even just get the reps. If ever have problems and stop at 8 or 9 regrip try again if not then rest a minute in down position and then complete what it takes to get 10 reps. Might try that way so I get 10 no matter what.

Wide Grip Military Press 115.5 with 35 pound plates goal 5 reps 4 will suffice though, trying to do these fast. Did 5 reps very pleased, last rep was a angled up lean and rep 4 a struggle but very very good. I am pleased.

Front Squat 127 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps did 8 reps very good. Did relatively fast with less rest at top between reps. Very good.

Reverse Grip Military Press trying with 115 this time goal 4 reps plus or whatever I can do. Did 3 very strict with no arch back as I think I used to do. Probably do 119.5 next time and keep going up that way. And go up 115 way and plan to deload when get to 118 or so by 3. Think on it. I want 115 by 4 or so though. Might try doing reverse grip fresh to see if can do 4 reps might can also. I may try doing reps faster with more back arch to reduce ROM to see if that helps get more reps also sometime. Think I will keep up from 119 weight range deload when get to be a bit more so I can do 115 by 4. Might try it fresh sometime too just to see.

Old School Bench 137 goal 9 reps did 9. Noticed left wrist felt real sore hard to even deadlift and carry 135 odd. Trying this lift anyway. Could not clean and had trouble deadlifting to knees when sitted down but did deadlift when seated and kicked into position and did 9 reps very good. Left wrist so weak could not lower deadlift wise the weight or carry well, very odd. I think I will skip barbell row, curls, upright row, and snatches because of this, have no choice. Was able to carry weight with difficulty back to regular area, tried barbell rowing 135 seemed awkward, got one rep and fingers were failing due to wrist so had to set down. So skipped barbell row, upright row, snatch, and dumbell curl. Its ok though. Wrist msucle weakness could be due to combination of extra deadlift set and reverse grip military press not sure.