Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday April 25th 2007

Bent Leg Deadlift heavy 222 goal 10 reps did 10 good reps fingers slipping but could even hold at top at end of rep 10 good.

Wide Grip Military Press 116 goal 5 fast reps. did 4 only and last rep was a bit angled and tough. Ok though. Will deload when get to 118 or 120 think on it. I might be doing these with more of a pause at top might be reason reps have dropped over time. No biggie though plan to deload soon.

Front Squat 128 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps Did relatively fast with less rest at top between reps.Did 7 only did not try for 8. Is ok though. Might try 1 pound every other week on this now. Left wrist reall sore throughout and knees making popping noises. Felt real tough but front squats are a good way for men to gain msucle

Reverse Grip Military Press trying with 115 trying for 4 fast reps. Probably will only do three though I imagine. Could only do 2 reps and second rep was tough to get up. Hmm I was holding at top also. Could be fluke see how narrow grip and heavier reverse grip goes next time as well as how this workout next week goes. Doing this after another overhead pressing movement might be making this one real tough to progress on also. so progressing on this not as big a factor as on wide and narrow.

Old School Bench 139 goal 9 reps. only got 7 did get a bad head alignment though but worked with it. Got groove after like rep 2 or 3. Try same weight next time see if I can do 8 or 9.

Barbell Row 180 goal 8 reps did 8 nice and slow rowed really more to crotch area than stomach and standing a bit vertically more than usual I think. I wonder what it would be like to deload this. Will do it sometime.

Upright Row wide 109 goal 7 reps did 5 only but did slower with more control, some lean in to get there but less momentum I think. My main goal for upright rows was 115 for reps. Might deload to 100 wide grip and 105 narrow and gain back1 pound a workout or so or focus strictly on narrow for a bit after deload and only do wide once every three weeks. Think on it.

Barbell curl 103 goal 5 reps. Felt heartburn during workout and really right before this movement. Did 5 very tough surprised I got past 3 reps. Slight lean back I think on rep 4 and 5 no momentum at all on any reps and arms basically locked against sides. Good. Really felt it, even grunted a bit during reps.

*Skipping Snatch just wish to. Might start alternating power clean and upright row doing wide one week narrow the next. Think on it. Did only get 4 hours sleep or so night before could have been factor with this workout, did take two hour nap or so before though.