Weight Training Workout Log for April 28 2007

Narrow grip military press 108 plus 1 pound done with slow extension and all as have been goal 8 reps. Did 7 slow and controlled though last one very tough. Next time do 1/2 pound more and maybe a slight bit faster. Might try alternating hold at top military press and as fast as I can so I can see what reps I am at with old form. Definately may try alternating fast rep temp with slow and hold at top maybe every other workout. Pretty sure that is due to rep variation and decline over time.

Back Squat 149 goal 7 reps with 8 being outstanding. did 6 and fell to side a bit bumped chin. Bar barely set down on supports. Might just stick to back and overhead squats alternating and back every now and then. Could remove board support in back it keeps catching me. Or try light back squats then push press weight into position when done or throw onto ground might practice. Will begin alternating front and overhead for the hell of it. Might try freestanding back squats too though light though push press into position to start and after. Think on this as it might help gain msucles

Reverse grip military press going with 120 goal 2 reps did 2 reps. Very tough but did, was stumbling about a bit even.

Old School Bench press 139 goal 8 reps did 8 reps good.

Straightleg deadlift 180 goal 19 done fast. Did 18 only same as last workout. Tendency to want to bend legs too don't think I did though. Pause at like rep 12 or so might have cost me the 19th rep. Next time do real fast and get that 19th rep. No biggie this time. Fingers like giving on rep 19th attempt so couldn't get bar up far at all. Next time will get 19th after slow rep workout next.

Dumbell Row going up a bit switching to longer bar with 8 ten pounders and two fives for 90 plus bar or 94. Doing what I can do. Goal 7 and 5. Did 7 and 5, left reps were way lean in like on last few. Right and left were both tough. Left ones like grazed bench and angled up.

Upright Row narrow grip 113.5 goal 7 reps did 7 last one did not reach chin another did not and using much momentum. Could either get above 115 then go to 120 and deload or deload to 105 and gain back 1 pound a workout for a while, might do that. skipping may do just on former snatch day alternating.

Power Clean 155 just trying it and skipping upright row see if can do more reps. Did 0 with 155 then dropped to 135 and did 2. on 155 I like deadlifted then didn't feel proper so like didn't try. 135 first two reps seemed easy then it was like a technique problem I think. This lift has been awkward lately. Warming up seems to help though. Think about what to do about this lift. Might drop back to 115 and work back or so think on it. Probably a confidence/technique thing. Work on it for next time. If get desperate could try cleaning first in routine or right after military press. Wonder if rows are weakening me up on this lift or just deadlift front squat and all the other things. Could try doing power cleans earlier in routine if I wish to really make them a priority.

Dumbell Curl heavy goal 10 reps right with 49 did 9 reps and failed like half way up on rep 10 attempt close. and same weight 42.5 pounds left goal 10 reps did 10 good. Right goal 10 reps, left plus 1/2 pound do what can do. Did right 9 left 8. Right wrist did have slight sensation in it also.