Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday May 2 2007

Bent Leg Deadlift heavy 223 goal 10 reps did 10 fingers starting to give big time after rep 8 but got the 10. Didn't feel much in back at all but felt in fingers after. Might go up 2 pounds to 225 next time think on it. If do that will go up 1 pound afterwords.

Wide Grip Military Press 116.5 goal 5 reps done fast 4 will suffice though did 4 only. Is ok though tried doing fast even. Ah well will deload when get to 120. Felt in wrist a bit too. Tried to push up that rep 5 but no luck.

Front Squat 129 plus 1 pound goal 8 reps 7 will suffice though did 7 only knees popping a bit and really feeling in wrists, did not try for rep 8. Was tough.

Reverse Grip Military Press trying with 115 trying for 4 fast reps. Still 3 only. will begin microloading from 115 and from 120. When get to 118 x 3 might drop back to 115 see if that 4th rep returns.

Old School bench press 139 goal 9 reps. Did 9 was tough butt lifting off bench to leverage up last few as usual, surprised rep 9 went up but up it went.

Barbell Row 180 goal 9 reps or 8 good ones pulling full ROM see what I can do. Did 5 with like a hold at top, awkward, I think all but like one went proper ROM though. Seems a lot harder this way. Deloading to 155 see how that feels. experimental did 4 seemed a lot lighter could pull higher with like more control. Did not do with a real long rest after other set also. Might deload to 155 and just work with that for a bit think on it. Fingers really felt it though. Could alternate this weight with some cheat and a hold and slow lower or just like this with 155 and a stricter form. Think on it.

Upright Row wide 109 goal 7 reps or 6 reps acceptable trying to do slower under more control. Did 4 only and still had some momentum and some not all the way to chin. Trying with just 95 to see what that is like did 7 all the way up to chin with hardly any lean in excellent form. Might drop to 95 on this. Could drop to 100 on narrow grip and work back 1 pound a workout or just stick to 1/2 pound. Want to get to 115 on this though bad narrow and wide eventually then it won't matter as much. Just feel like experimenting so going to see how many narrow grip military press I can do with 105 fast could only do 7 I wonder how many I can do fresh, might find out next time and just skip regular military press weight narrow grip Next time maybe drop to 103 see if can do 10, did this last time before I maxed at 135. Then maybe 110 wide grip just curious, this is not fresh so would do more fresh naturally though. Might do this and skip power clean, do it next time since I am skipping snatch. Experiment trying 110 wide military press really not fresh just seeing what I can do did 5 not fresh last rep was very tough but I think 6 fresh is very likely. Might skip reverse grip and do 103 narrow then rest and try 108 or 109 think on it.

Power clean with 135 trying to see how many can do, may take long breaks between reps and not giving up even if I fail part of the way up. *Skipping so didn't work mucsle with power cleans this time will next time though.

Decided not to do light dumbell curl instead doing 1 arm barbell curl with 53 goal 7 and 4 or so. did 7 and 4 very good, right almost had 8 very close but wrist coudl not balance to get it and I didn't want to cheat it up, next time I think I may have the 8 with this weight.