Weight Training Workout Log for May 5 2007

Narrow grip military press deloading and trying with 103 goal 10 reps or more. Did 9 only and it was tough. Deload to 100 and work back perhaps to help the mucsles get used to heavier weight.. Not done super fast though. Deload and work back probably wisest. Before work. Trying after work 100 goal 10 reps did 10 reps fairly slow not super fast. Might work back from here.

Overhead Squat trying with 60 did 6 reps was stepping forward on like rep 3 a bit but rest were all good. Legs bowing in a bit but not much.

Reverse grip military press trying with 100 also just for kicks. did 7 interesting. Could try alternating regular narrow and reverse grip and do wide grip second in reverse grip workout place.

Old School Bench Press 139 goal 10 reps did 9 is ok, did more pressing movments than usual set wise. Next time probably get the 10 reps.

Straightleg Deadlift slow lower 180 goal 12 reps did 12 reps all pretty slow only last rep a little slam down. Fingers did feel were giving on last rep could hold at top though easily I think for a while.

Dumbell Row going up a bit switching to longer bar with 8 ten pounders and two fives for 90 plus bar or 94. Doing what I can do. Goal 8 and 6 did 8 right with bad form rep 7 and 8 big time, grip was giving. left 6 not so good form with 6th rep really just touching crotch not lower abs or so.

Upright Row Narrow trying with 100 and good form did 7 near perfect form only last rep was a slight lean in.

Hang Clean with 100 for reps, just trying for the hell of it. did 20 first 10 or so totally straight back.

Dumbell curl 49 goal 10 right and left 9 or 10 did 8 left same as last time and only 6 right could be due to lack of rest and high rep clean. See what I do right side next time. Could be better form on right side also. I think I can get 9 left next time will see.