Weight Training Workout Log for May 9 2007

Bent leg deadlift 224 goal 10 reps. Did 10 with regrip slight on rep 8 for a second or so. Rep 10 pulled and could barely hold. Try for 225 next time hope for no regrip. Could have done a bit slower this time not sure. Slow progression on deadlift for sure. Then again deadlift works more skeletal muscl than almost any other lift, so progress on this even if slow is good.

Wide Grip military press trying with 110 goal 6 reps. Did 7 very good, gained a rep since last time I did with 110, impressed. Work back to 115 now. Skipped rest of workout was tired.

May 12 Saturday 2007

Narrow grip military press 101 goal 10 reps did 10 last rep real struggle. 1/2 pound a workout increases want to get to 103 bad. Did nice slow controlled. *Before work

Overhead Squat 60 goal 7 reps did 7 felt I could do rep 8 but no couldn't. Might do front squat or back squat later also. *Before work

Reverse grip military press 101 goal 7 reps did 7 seemed very easy except last rep. *Before work

Old School bench 139 goal 10 reps. did 9 only same, real bad placement head and shoulder. Did place thing in new position though, could be a factor. Next time get that 10 reps.

Straightleg deadlift fast lower 180 goal 19 did 19 tough but did even did a straight leg lower on rep 19 good. When get to 20 reps will increase to 185.

Dumbell Row 94 goal 9 and 7 did 9 right and 6 left with regrip on rep 4 left. Did do on other side of garage I think its slanted a bit visibly, might affect left side a bit not sure.

Upright row Narrow 100.5 goal 7 reps did 7 reps all near perfect, only last rep a slight lean in. All standing nearly vertical very good. Much better form than old with 113 or so.

Hang Clean with 105 goal 20 reps or so did 20 good last 3 or 5 leg dip for technique very good. Felt in calves even using all I had. Next time just plus 1 pound. First 10 very fast almost no low back or leg drive.

Experimental back squat with 105 lowered weight then did 5 reps pretty easy, balance more an issue a slight bit. Got a groove after a few. Getting it over head after a bit awkward, kind of half way raised over and grazed head over, unique.

Dumbell curl 49 right goal 10 left 42.5 goal 9 did 9 left very good but only 6 right. Might start using same weight righht and left side.