Weight Training Workout Log for May 16 2007

*As I browse the internet I have noticed lots of mispellings of the word muscle, I even type it wrong on occasion. Some typos of it include muscul, umscle nusc1e muscr and muscre.

Bent Leg deadlift 225 goal 10 reps did 10 reps plus 1 pound. Fingers failing last rep but could hold at at top, good. Felt in glutes. Might could try alternating with reps and 5 seconds or 2 or 3 at top hold. Think on it for sometime. Want to get to 230 for 10. Have done 234 for 10 february 6th 9 workout before and after though or so. Work back to 235 is goal.

Wide grip military press 111 plus 1 pound goal 7 reps, might just do 6. Will add 1/2 pound a workout after this. Did 6 only is ok. Working forward 1/2 pound a workout goal 115 by 6. Can do in two months if can add 1/2 a workout consistantly. Did pause a bit at top on these also. Have done 111.5 for 6 but not 112 for 6. So see if can do 112 for 6 in 2 weeks if so will be new personal best in 6 rep range. Might try reps a little bit faster with less hold at atop next time also.

Front Squat 130 goal 7 reps. Could only do 6 reps, same weight next time see if I can do 7 reps. Leaning forward a bit nearly lost one rep I think but basically good, felt little in wrists till last rep, less rest at top I think. Did skip this movement last week though also. Try for 7 reps next time if dont get might deload to 115 think on it. Might could keep same weight till I battle back to 10 reps also, think on it.

Old School bench, doing before reverse grip this time. 139 goal 10 reps. Sliding bench a bit farther down also. Did like 9 and 3/4 just failed to lock out that 10th rep. Felt I might drop on my neck if I kept at it so I stopped. Next time may get 10, getting close. This was done before reverse grip military press also. Good placement on bench butt barely on so head firmly placed on bench. I want that 10 reps. Soon perhaps.

Reverse grip military press 101.5 plus 1/2 pound goal 7 reps. Did 5 only I think doing bench first really affected it, seemed light though till I failed though. Interesting. I also might have picked up the heavier 25 pound plate for left side. See what I do next time doing it second. Or coudl alternate doing this before and after bench. Think on it. or alternating with bench.

Barbell row 155 whatever I can do this is a major deload of 25 pounds. did 10 reps good rom and pull I think back angle fairly consistant. One slightly missed chest by accident no biggie. Felt much more natural. Might load 1 pound a week stick to 10 rep range.

Upright Row wide 95 focusing on quality reps. Did 8 only rep 8 was a bit lean in most were pulled very high with torso very straight near motionless. Good

Hang clean 107 goal 20 reps or ever how many I can do, going with 1 pound a workout increase next workout or so then 1/2 a workout. Could try this 1 pound one workout 1/2 two workouts 1/4 four workouts thats three pound increase. Might be unique way to increase weights. Or 1/2 then 1/4 one side at a time. Think on it. Need variation perhaps. adding 1/2 or whatnot a week eventually gets tough. Did 20 very good. did rest a brief period in down position and even at top. First 10 up lighening fast. One pound next workout then 1/2 after that maybe.

Barbell Curl 104 goal 5 reps did 5 seemed to be pretty good form too. Might try against wall sometime to see what I can really do strict. Felt in biceps and wrists afterwords naturally. Really want taht rep 7 back on front squat and rep 10 on bench, see if I can next time.