Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday May 19th 2007

Narrow grip military press 101.5 goal 10 reps. Did like 9 and 3/4 could not get the last rep up so close though. Next time try again with 1/2 more and do reps faster if need be to get that 10 reps. If not will keep at same weight after that point till 10 reps returns. I think doing a slight bit faster less hold at top and I will get that 10 reps, will see though. Think on it to decide if try again with 101.5 to get the 10 reps or go up 1/2 and try to get to 10 also think I might go up and really try for that 10 reps also. If don't get could stay at same weight till I do. Think on it. haven't done it like that in a while on military press.

Overhead Squat 61 pounds goal 8 reps. Did 8 felt smoothe, did not try rep 9 just lowered. Felt a bit in low back during slightly on later reps.

Old School Bench doing before reverse grip military press 139 goal 10 reps, was so close last time. Did 10 very good wrist sensation left wrist throughout but did it very good. Will go up to 140 next time.

Reverse grip military press 102 goal 5 or 6 reps or so. Might begin alternating this one with bench or every two weeks, think on it. 5 only same as last time up 1/2 pound though.

Straightleg Deadlift 180 slow lower goal 13 reps did 13 good

Dumbell Row 94 goal 10 and 7 did 10 and 7 good. I think I felt a bit in upper back afterwords thats good, slight feeling.

Upright row Narrow 101 goal 7 reps did 7 all pretty good form, wrist felt weak though. next time 1/2 pound also see if wrist and form is same or if feels easier.

Hang Clean with 108 goal 20 reps or so did 20 with lound grunts throughout some rests toward end but not much. Back drive throughout good technique I felt. Might try 1 pound again or maybe 1/2 think on it.

Experimental back squat freestanding with 95 goal 20 reps or so. just seeing what I can do after overhead and end of workout minus curls. did only 15 with 95 was tough might could have done more, even with 95 getting it to front of head seems odd. I kind of lift it up and over not straight up its different. Dont with pretty quick temp no rest at top. Is different free standing I see that. Still very light weight so its definately not pwerlifting so to speak for me,

Dumbell curl with 42.5 or so left goal 10, trying this weight with right arm too right 10 all very controlled seems different with no cheat. Left do what I can do. Coudl only do 4 and felt in wrist. Hmm will see what I do next time both arms if about the same is interesting situation I think reps will go up a bit though to normal levels. Will see.