Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday May 23 2007

Bent Leg deadlift 226 goal 10 reps did 8 straight regrip rep 9 then rep10 failed like half way up and dropped weight, same weight next time see if can do 10 reps or plus 1 pound will see. Hands did feel sweaty though.

Wide grip military press 111.5 plus 1/2 goal 6 reps 7 might be possible though. Did 6 good form no cheat at all. 112 for 6 would be new PR. trying for that in a week.

Front Squat 130 goal 7 reps. did 7 reps very good slight pause before rep 7 but went up ok. Some balancing and lean but thats normal on these. I am pleased. The front squat mainly works the quadriceps and the strongest muscul in the human body the gluteus maximus.

Old School Bench 140 plus 1 pound goal 8 to 10 reps or so. did 8 reps felt awkward setup shoulder and upper arm like touching bench in awkward way. Is ok will try for 9 reps next time big time.

Reverse Grip military press 102.5 goal 5 reps or so. did 5 reps

Barbell Row 156 goal 10 reps or so did 10 reps with great form back stationary as all.

Upright Row wide 95.5 goal 8 reps with good form. 8 reps all perfect form I believe.

Hang clean 109 goal 20 reps did 20 very good