Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday May 26th 2007

Narrow grip military press 102 goal 10 reps might push press last rep if I have to. will try to do faster also. Did 10 reps last rep was standing on tiptoes surprised it went up. Might keep this weight next time and see if I can do 10 without tiptoes or increase 1/2 think on it. Real struggle rep 10 felt in back a bit and tip toe to help near top then held a while. (I did this lift that mainly works the shoulder muscul before work)

Overhead Squat 62 pounds goal 8 reps did 8 did not try for 9 felt i couldn't do, might try for that rep 9 next time. Good this time. (before work)

Old School Bench 140 goal 9 reps. Did 9 very good (before work)

Reverse grip military Press 103 goal 5 reps or so did 6 did rest a bit from work to this time but good.

Straightleg Deadlift 180 fast lower goal 20 reps. Did 20 last rep most of the way but not quite all the way counting though, lowring part was very fast not under as much control. Good though. Increasing to 185 on this might keep 180 on slow lower day till get to 20 reps on that.

Dumbell Row 94 goal 11 and 8 did 10 and 7 same as last time, felt a bit in lower back area. Could be lower lats or low back not sure. Same as last time is ok.

Upright Row narrow 101.5 goal 7 reps did 7 reps

Hang Clean 110 goal 20 reps (skipping this week did tricep expermental instead)

Tricep extension with 45 bar did 17 reps. Really felt in triceps a lot. Not sure of angle and if using delts much in movemen but seemed good to me and felt in triceps big time.

Dumbell curl heavy 42.5 do what I can do right and left I think more than 10 right and 5 to 10 left. Doing what I can do though. Right is lighter than I am used to just trying this. did left 6 right 11, ok right done very strict till last few, left fairly strict also. have done 8 reps left before want that back bad.