Weight Training Workout Log for Thursday May 31s skipped tuesday and wednesday because sick

*Might just do a few core moves then do regular saturday workout on sunday then workout on wednesday think on it

Bent Leg deadlift 227 goal 10 reps or ever how many I can do. Might try regripping then mixed grip after fail think on it. did 8 regular grip regrip 9 then mixed grip 10 and 11 with awkward lower. Next time same weight try for 227 10 good reps all the way through regular double overhand grip. Grip not an issue with mixed grip I notice its back. Altarnating mixed and double overhand might be interesting also think on it.

Wide grip military press 112 plus 1/2 goal 6 reps Did 5 only was sick lately. Sticking to this weight till get back to 6 reps no matter what. Think will get back there soon for new pr sickness probably a factor.

Front Squat 131 goal 7 reps or whatever can do this is plus 1 pound. Just going to 135 so can use same plates on bench why not, just see what I can do. Then go back to 131 or so next time or stick to this weight think on it. Trying. Did 3 only and kind of tough. Might stick with this next time and see if I can do 4 why not. If not drop back to 131. Did not try for rep 4 time because I knew it would be tough.

Old School Bench 140 goal 10 reps. Did 6 is ok. Did all sttrict ones no arch up as I do on usual last ones. Is ok next time will get 9 or 10 I imagine. after sickness this is ok.

*Skip Reverse Grip military press 102.5 goal 5 reps or so. *may skip because working out sunday think on it.

Barbell Row 157 goal 10 reps or so did 10 reps with back basically stationary, maybe a bit less than usual. Last rep a bit to belly and not as high but ok.

*Skipping this time Upright Row wide 96 goal 8 reps with good form. did

Hang clean 110 goal 20 reps did ( I really want this, so trying hard for it) wrist felt real weak so stopped at rep 8. Next time will do this movement and get 20. I think front squat heavier and deadlift caused this not sure though.

Barbell curl 105 goal 5 reps did the 5 reps with incredible sensation in wrist throughout. Pretty strict first few maybe some lean back last ones no momentum though. 1/2 pound every two weeks I do this from now on. perhaps or same weight next time think on it.

Barbell triceps extension overhead going from 45 to 50 see what I can do. Maybe did 18 up 5 pounds and 1 rep interesting.

Might do hang clean first next time because skipped one workout and wrist weak for it this workout. Or do right after narrow grip military press.

Was coming back from sickness where I did not eat as much as usual. Want that wide grip military press back to 6 reps sticking to same weight no matter how many workouts it takes to get back to 6. Think it will happen soon for new personal best in 6 rep range wide grip. Deadlift stick to same weight next time and try real hard for 10 straight reps no regrip. or at least 9 then regrip and do more. Decide if I will regrip and do mixed grip powelifting style or regrip and do double overhand. Could alternate double overhand deadlift with mixed grip also think on it. Bench think was down just because I didn't do the usual cheaty reps with back arched. Next time will get 9 or 10 I am pretty sure. Hang clean hard because wrists weak. Might stick to 135 weight on front squat and see if can do 4 reps next time could do this or go back to 131 7 rep range and work back that way. Think on it.