Weight Training Workout Log for Sunday June 3 2007

Narrow grip military press 102.5 goal 10 reps did 8 only. did slow controlled straight up and down. Keeping at this weight till get back to 10 reps no mattter how long it takes. Pretty sure rep speeed lowering or at top time or lack thereof affects reps I can do. 103 x 10 I did before last 135 max. When get to 108 x 10 might can do 140 then. I want progress on this lift and wide grip.

Overhead Squat 63 pounds goal 8 reps did 8 good.

Old School Bench 140 goal 10 reps. Did 8 failed part way up on rep 9 attempt. Better than last time but not as good as 9 I have done before. See if I get 9 next time.

Hang Clean 110 goal 20 reps doing earlier in workout to make sure I do because last time wrist limited it and time before I skipped. Giving my best to get 20 reps. did 20 very tough had to rest a bit holding weight in hang a lot after rep 10. Got the 20 though very good.

Reverse grip military Press 104 did 3 reps done after hang clean with no rest after. real tired after hang clean 20 reps.

Upright Row narrow 102 did 4 only done after hang clean and with like no rest after.

*Triceps barbell extension with 55 skipping

*Straightleg Deadlift Slow Lower 180 goal 14 reps skipping

*Dumbell row skipping

Dumbell curl right left just doing with like no rest before right 12 left 6. did left side first and this was with skipping rows.

Was tired as don't usually work out on sunday after M visit. Last few movements just done to do not a lot of focus on them. Next workout I anticipate being much better powerliftin style. Think I need discus too.