Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday June 6 2007

Bent Leg deadlift 227 goal 10 reps may regrip for last few if need to. did 8 straight regrip 9 then regrip 10 slight rest and did. Regrip was doubleoverhand no mixed grip. Might stick to same weight and try to do more before regripping or increase 1/2 or 1 pound and go for the 10 reps even if have to regrip at rep 8 or so. Think on it.

Wide grip military press 112 really want 6 reps did 5 only no 6th rep. got like half way up but that was it. Could microload and deload back to try to get that 6th rep or drop to 110 or so and work back. I think I may microload, may try one more workout to get the 6th rep back though. Will also see how narrow grip goes next week also. May give 4 weeks or more workouts each wide and narrow to see if they improve if not will do something real drastic. I might start push pressing that last rep up if need be after I try my best. Give this time see what happens.

Front Squat 135 really want 4 reps did 4 good

Old School Bench 140 goal 9 or 10 reps. Did 8 only same as last time and less than the 9 I have done before. rep 8 was awkward too but went up finally. Keep trying I think that rep 9 will come in a workout or so perhaps. Doing the way I do is much harder than powerlifitng style off the racks.

Barbell row 158 goal 10 reps. Did 10 with good steady form rep 10 barely touched as usual if at all. Going with 1/2 pound increases from now on perhaps.

Upright Row wide 96 goal 8 reps with good form. did 8 all very good last rep or so a slight chin lean in I think no momentum or on tiptoes though.

Reverse Grip military press 104 not used to doing it this far down in rotation is a change. Did 4 only. Curl part seemed heavy cheated it up a bit as usual but seemed heavy.

Triceps barbell overhead extension trying with 60 pounds a big increase just see what I can do. did 8 reps

*Skipping hang clean might just do once a week

Dumbell curl real light for hell of it seeing how many reps I can do with 10 pound dumbell going for 100. Did right 100 slowed down last 10 or so and did them slower left trying for 100 done very very fast may even rest at points if need be. Did 56 only. Interesting and really could not do another at end.