Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday June 9th 2007

Narrow grip military press 103 goal 9 or 10 reps. Do my best might stay here till I get 10 reps again. did 9 thats good, get back to 10 soon I hope. (before work)

Overhead Squat just trying with 65 seeing what I can do. did 8 very good so plus 2 pounds and same reps. Last rep bar did move a bit but stayed overhead good very good.

Old School Bench 140 did 9 reps topping best previous very good. Rep 9 only I think butt came up noticeably a bit for leverage good though. 10 reps will be soon I hope. the clean part seemed extra light.

Reverse grip military press 105 just doing for hell of it goal 4 or 5 reps. Then just stick to this for a bit. did 4 only ok still plus 1 pound over what I did last week. Last rep was tough though.

Straightleg Deadlift 185 fast lower just do what I can do anticipate 14 to 16 or so. Did 16 felt in fingers afterwords, left fingers giving a bit last rep I felt no problem holding though could hold at top well just noting. Left unrolling a bit right not. Good. work back to 20 then increase again. First rep up seemed heavy always does though just noting.

Bent Over 1 arm Dumbell Row 94 goal 11 and 8 have done 10 and 7 for like two workouts in a row, so try real hard to get that rep. Did 10 and 7 again and they were tough. Hope next time I get to 11 and 8 been a while on this ever since I moved to this side of garage. Progressed from 9 and 5 to 10 and 7 on other side of garage and stuck here three workouts in a row, did skip last week though. Hope next week I am at 11 and 8 or workout after. Did do reps straight without a regrip. Could try regripping after last rep possibly. Think on it. Really want to gain that rep. Give it 4 more workouts if not up the rep might try doing this movement earlier in routine just to see if it helps.

Upright Row Narrow 102 goal 7 reps Did 7 first few near perfect rest at rep 4 for a second then rep 5 and 6 maybe slight lean in rep 7 more of a lean in and touched chin with more force. Could go up 1/2 pound next time or stick to this again, I think go up 1/2 pound though. Form is much better than with heavier weight in past.

Hang Clean 111 goal 20 reps resting as long as need be. Might do less than 20 reps. Just doing what I can do. next time only up 1/2 pound. Did 20 very good. Good rhtyhm and technique did like 15 straight then like some slight pauses to do rest. Getting tough but I seem to have even more in the tank might could have done more reps but sticking to just 20 for now.

Triceps Barbell extension 65 do what I can do. Did increasing 1/2 or 1 a workout after this probably. did 8 reps a lot more of a struggle though. Interesting same reps as last time 5 pounds more.

Dumbell Curl heavy 42.5 goal 13 and 7. Did left 8 total first 6 perfect last 2 slight lean for leverage. Right decided to use 50 instead first 3 perfect then did 7 more cheats with slow lower.

*Back Squat light 95 goal 20 reps skipping this might just start alternating front squat, overhead squat, and back squat for reps. Think on it.

Experimental door chins did 3 with calculator as door stop door swings some so did catch fingers when door started to close. Tendency towant to try to pull higher up than door will allow interesting movement. Grabbing like that is tough on palm of hand.