Weight Training Workout Log for August 7, 2006

Narrow Grip Military Press 90 pounds goal 11 reps did only did 9 reps oh well, could be fluke who knows. Could be due to less lean forward/better form or slower lower. Could be due to extreme time between narrow grip workouts, not really sure. If can get 10 reps on wide grip next time then I will assume can get 10 reps narrow time after if so can increase weight. When can get to 10 reps wide or narrow taht will be nearly new pr anyway. Then can increase weight. Will get 10 reps on narrow grip even if have to push press it last rep. 10 reps on wide grip is the goal can live with 9 reps though or may push press that last rep up also probably just wait with patience.

Back Squat 90 pounds all the way down new movement in a long time just doing what can do to vary it up. 5 only lower part has to be slower I think so it doesent bang when hits supports, not an issue with front squat I think.

Straightleg Deadlift 150 do what can do Did 15 reps felt in hamstrings fingers held perfectly but felt a bit in fingers later. This gets me out of breath and tired as usual. All in all a good workout for not having done in so long. Next time do regular deadlift and aim for 6 reps.

Barbell Row 155 goal 10 reps, one more workout after then probably alternate with dumbell row maybe did 8 only no biggie, fingers held easy but feel in them even after. Seemd awkward pulling and leg balance could just be due to fact did straight leg deadlift first which have not done before. Also not willing to cheat a lot to get more reps. If not at 9 or 10 reps next time could be issue I really doubt it though. Tried doing this with legs totally locked straight could add a bit of bend I know. Just get to 10 reps on this and can begin increasing weight or alternating with dumbell row. Last rep was not half way up as I usually do also I think. Next time get to 9 or 10 even if have to cheat on last rep or two.

Upright Row 90 pounds 8 reps goal or 6 super strict then do what can do. Did 6 nearly perfect I think and rep 7 a bit of a cheat so didn't have to pull in as far. Rep 6 did have very slight chin lean in but nothing major. All done slowly with control. Might aim for six super perfect next time no lean at all or nearly same and rep 7 and 8. Done after barbell row and not before also.

Dumbell Curl medium 37.5 pounds goal 6 and 3 did 6 and 3 left rep 3 a bit of a chean with lean but thats all good all in all progress wise.

Next time look to see if heavy deadlift gets 6 reps, mil wide gets 10 reps, front squat gets one rep more, and barbell row 10 reps. If so everything is progressing.