Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday June 13th 2007

Bent leg deadlift going for 230 big 3 pound increase will do as many as I can regrip and take as long as it takes to get to 10. Could try mixed gripping after regrip then next workout do double overhand, think on it. did 6 straight double overhand then regrip to over right under left and did 4 more for 10 total. Next time try to do 7 overhand before switching to mixed grip even if have to regrip to do the 7th double overhand and then do rest mixed grip and same weight. Bar lowered more even after first rep also. Grip held super firm on last rep easy. Might try with left hand overhand right underhand next time instead of left underhand.

Wide grip military press 112 really want 6 reps did 5 only felt the 6th rep attempt partial was lifted up higher than before then finished with a push press for rep 6 lowering to chest first. Will get that 6 reps soon maybe next time. Giving myself 3 more workouts to get that rep if not may do something drastic like switch to focus more on narrow grip and do wide only occasionaly or something or alternate regular and pushpress think on it. May consider finishing this with push presses with no rest as many as I can think on it. Could research crazy combo set 3 reverse grip 3 wide 3 narrow reps something like that maybe for shoulders.

Front Squat 135 goal 5 reps might only do 4 though. Did only same as last time is ok will get 5 soon, left wrist and grip felt real weak and odd even on first rep, after last rep I slammed down left grip gave. Interesting. 5 may come next time I hope or soon. Grip weakness and left wrist might affect bench will see though.

Old School bench 140 goal 10 reps. Might be less because left wrist weak on front squat will see though. Did Did 9 tried for rep 10 but failed at bottom. Left wrist felt weak on clean part and when sat up and lowered dropped weight a bit left side. Might affect grip on barbell row will see. I think over under grip worked left wrist a lot on deadlifts. Will get 10 in a few workouts I don't doubt. Had slight tummy ache sensation during lift also a bit.

Barbell row 159 goal 10 reps. tried first rep attempt did not lift second did one rep but wrist and grip too weak left side so skipping. Will try this again next week.

Upright Row wide 96 goal 8 reps with good form did 7 only with last like a partial, wrist was making it real hard to do and grip. Ah well. Next time will do better. I think underhand grip on deadlift left side mixed is the reason.

Triceps overhead extension 70 crazy plus 5 pounds just do what I can do. did 8 again I am extending and holding way far back I believe. Don't believe I am changing angle of movement or using delts to help weight up, really feel in triceps. 2 pound increase next time see what happens.

Barbell curl 105.5 goal 5 reps but wrist is weak just do what I can do. did 5 reps very tough felt in left wrist a lot but did, some lean back last 2 reps or so slow lowers on all though. Might reduce to 95 or 100 and work back at some point. but for now sticking to what I am doing with 1/2 pound increases only maybe 1/2 every other barbell curl workout at some point even.