Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday June 16 2007

Narrow grip military press 103 goal 10 reps, will push press rep 10 if need be. did 8 like 90 percent of way to locking out 9 then push pressed 9 and 10. I think I was extending and holding more at top. Keep on this. Get 9 next time and 10 soon. Not holding at top for a split second helps a lot I know even if not done super fast speed. I want 10 reps on this. (before work) just focusing on rep extension that seems natural no hold at top perhaps on future workouts and natural rep speed. I want the 10 back on this) Could try alternating one week do natural the other do with 5 second pause at top. Consider.

Overhead Squat 66 goal 8 reps did 8 reps, last rep kind of grazed head a bit but ok. (before work)

Single Arm Dumbell row 94 goal 11 and 8 did. did 11 and 8 outstanding left reps were same throughout, right rep 11 touched or perhaps grazed body but not as high up. Good though did not even have to do cheat rep for last one. (before work)

Old School Bench 140 goal 10 reps might just do 9. did 9 and was tough, head placement was slightly off bench. Will get 10 in next few workouts I imagine.

Straightleg Deadlift slow lower 180 goal 14 reps did real slow lower 14 reps regrip rep 10 12 and 14 or so. Seemed heavy from first rep. So so on this considering I skipped last week. Did do after rows also could be a factor in grip also moving object at work might have been tough on fingers. Next time want 15 with 11 slow lower before regrip.

Upright Row Narrow 102 goal 7 reps focusing on quality form as this is same weight as last week. did 7 pretty good form all rested a bit after rep 6 then did 7 all to chin very little lean in.

*Reverse grip military press 105 goal 4 or 5 reps optional did 4 seems pretty easy but no rep 5 only partial way up slight.

Hang Clean 112 goal 20 reps resting as long as need be.

Triceps Barbell extension 75. This will reduce reps see how many I can do. did 4 and were tough, only 1 pound

Dumbell Curl heavy 42.5 goal 13 and 9. Might can do 14 right. did 13 and 9 very good. then did left cheats for 3 or 4 reps or so.

Sun tried door chin did 4 with 25's holding door from swinging