Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday June 20 2007

Deadlift 230 goal 10 reps 7 double overhand then regrip and try for more want 10 total may try double overhand regrip for last three or mixed will see. did 10 7 double overhand did 6 then slight regrip and did 7 double overhand then 3 more reps with left hand underhand right pronoated. Did more double overhand than last time but same reps. Next time could try for 7 straight no regrip at all and 3 mixed or try 231 whatever I can do double overhand than switch to mixed grip or 232 even, think on it. Palms are more sweaty I feel this time of year. I am feeling it more in glutes I wonder if dropping heavy back squats is related to this. Wish to try to squeeze them in might begin putting in rotation next workout or soon if I get 5 reps fronst squat. Don't think I am stopping rep early and not standing fully upright on deadlifts but could be slightly not sure. Not an issue I don't think though. Held at top firm on last rep easy.

Wide Grip Military Press 112 goal 6 reps. did 6 very pleased is new personal best. Might load 1/2 a workout even if have to push press that rep 6 at some point. Rep 6 went up a bit cockeyed also.

Front Squat 135 goal 5 reps. Want it bad. did 5 with rep 5 with legs bowing in but up it went and awkward form as usual. But an increase as an increase. Felt in wrists afterwords a bit right and left. Felt light in the clean position almost wanted to try push pressing overhead.

Barbell Row 159 goal 10 reps. (grip too weak to hold bar, did door chins instead did 5 reps with rep 5 only like 90 percent of way up. Felt sensation in hand after from where door was. first time bar felt hard to lift so tried mixed grip deadlift underhand left felt tough. After door chins tried again determined grip was failing did 5 straight and regrip and did 6. rested enough to write this down and did 4 more before grip failed. Next time Could try exercize order as Wide grip military press, barbell row, Bench, Deadlift, Front Squat, upright row, reverse grip military press**, triceps,biceps. Think on it. Or could do barbell row first think on it. Might try mixed grip with left hand overhand right under think on it. Now that I look at it I might have just been rowing 140 hmm. Prioritize barbell row next time do it first for sure then wide grip military press.

Old School Bench 140 goal 10 reps doing after rows as I did bench after dumbell rows previous workout also. Could not clean weight so had to lift do knees and get into position wrist was that weak, did only 7 no biggie. Think I will get the 9 next time when all is fresh.

Upright Row wide 96 goal 8 reps, *skipping due to wrist grip

Reverse grip skipping*

Triceps barbell overhead extensions 75 goal 5 reps if possible 4 may suffice. did 5 very good

Biceps doing hammer curls with 30 just to be different. did 10 right slow controlled and 5 left. first time trying.

Next time try left hand overhand right hand underhand. Saturday workout might be Narrow grip military press, overhead squats, Barbell rows, Bench, dumbell row, Upright row perhaps do wide instead of narrow, then Hang cleans, triceps, and dumbell curls. Might do reverse grip military press maybe not though. Might try door chins or skip this workout. Workout after will be wide grip military press, barbell row, bench, deadlift, front squat, upright row, reverse grip military press maybe, biceps, triceps, and maybe door chins. On bright side deadlift double overhand reps up, squat up, wide grip military press up, triceps up.