Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday June 23 2007 wake up instead of 11:30 say 11 or so in order to do 3 or 4 lifts before work

Barbell row wide grip pinky against ring 160 goal 10 reps, doing first because skipped due to grip last two times. did 10 good form all reps pulled up to abs even last one, really no low back movement at all on this stayed stationary and rowed. (before work)

Narrow grip Military press 103 goal 10 reps will push press last few if have to to get them up. did 9 then like a lot of the way up on rep 10 attempt but not quite. so push pressed rep 10. I think I can get 10 reps next workout possibly then can start loading weight on this. (before work)

Overhead Squat 67 goal 8 reps did 8 good might start sticking back squats with 95 into workout every third workout or so think on it. (before work)

Dumbell row 94 goal 12 and 9 (might be less because doing barbell row this workout also) could only do 10 and 7 so down a rep due to barbell row is ok. Next workout barbell row again then workout after goal will be 12 and 9 dumbell row as might just be doing this one first on narrow grip day. (before work)

Old School Bench 140 goal 10 reps do what I can do though. did 9 last rep tough.

***Straightleg Deadlift 185 fast lower goal 17 reps did 17 fingers giving on last rep on way up but held.

Upright Row doing wide instead of narrow because skipped last time 96.5 goal 8 reps or whatever I can do. did 8 one rep accidentally missed chin rep 6 not on purpose others very strict, some slight tipy toe action later on but not much. Very strict I think for these reps bascially.

Hang Clean 112.5 goal 20 reps. Duct tape little plates on well. did 20 reps first 10 very fast almost no leg or low back drive. last 10 paused a few times and before each and every one of last 4 or so reps. Good 1/2 a workout increase now perhaps.

Triceps barbell extension 76 goal 5 reps did 5 reps.

Dumbell Curl 42.5 goal 14 and 10 might do 13 and 9 again though or less will be ok. did 14 and 10 very good. increase weight either 1/2 pound microload or maybe to 40 plus bar or 44 or so think on it.

*Optional Door chin may do before curls or after just for kicks skipping will do next time

*Optional reverse grip military press 105.5 or so for 4 reps, might start doing this every third workout or so think on it. skipping will do next time perhaps.