Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday June 27 2007

Wide grip military press 112.5 goal 6 reps did 6 reps new personal record on this grip 6 rep range. Surprised rep 6 went up, seemed to stall and not be moving but kept at it and it went up with real struggle. Could stick to this same weight to tryt o make rep 6 easier or up 1/2 pound and keep at same weight if I drop rep. (before work)

Barbell row 161 goal 10 reps did 10 good reps, no lower back movement, all to abs even last one (before work)

Old school bench 140 after work goal 10 reps, did 9 only have been stuck on 9 since may 26 a full month with some workouts below 9. Consider alternating which I do first bench or military press really don't wish to do that though. as military press is priority. Could contemplate microloading which I may try first or a variation exercize closer narrow grip bench, reverse grip bench, or experimental lift where i get back into position after each press, so power clean lay back press, lift to knees, stand up lower weight clean, so on repeat. interesting idea. or dumbell and barbell or pushups and bench press. Could try military press once a week chest other day a week with chest done after military press with flies or what not or just alternate which I do first military press or bench. So narrow grip done first then bench, bench then wide grip. Think on it. I think I might like old school clean press lower on floor clean again every rep, do that on non hang clean day so do with wide grip. Narrow grip gets regular bench. Will help improve setup and technique on first lift also which could help reps on bench. Could do it this way alternating with reverse grip would be a good cheat curl to get it up also. Think on it. Or crazy alternate doing the normal one I watn to increase reps on just once every two weeks and every other movement the otehr times. So clean lay down press, reverse grip narrow press or regular narrow grip press, dumbell press (or pushups weighted or what not) then regular press for reps. first trying a simple 1/2 microload a workout see how that works if drop to 8 reps soon will try something drastic.

Door chin goal 5 reps might only do skipped I believe

Deadlift bent leg trying 235 plus 5 for the hell of it, do as many as I can overhand then regrip and try again overhand if I can switch to mixed grip if I have to with right hand underhand. Have done 234 by 10 before double overhand. Did 7 straight double overhand regrip rep 8 double overhand regrip rep 9 double overhand slight rest after rep 8 and 9, rep 10 did mixed grip right hand underhand felt in back a lot was heavy. Very impressed so did 5 more pounds and same reps double overhand before regrip interesting. and most of the regrip ones did double overhand. Focused on getting a good initial grip setup fingers all around bar and thumb mashed into them perfectly not just a quick grab it grip. Still I am very impressed. Same weight next time trying for all 10 double overhand and 8 straight if possible if not doing 7 straight then rest and 3 more double overhand.

Front Squat 135 goal 6 reps did 3 only first rep seemed off leaning forward on that. Maybe I worked things more on deadlifts than usual. Wrist seemed a bit off too just the grip looking at it. I was looking at left wrist during movement thats odd. I wonder what this would be like with a narrow grip versus the wider grip I use. Stick to wide though see what I do next time for front squat. Might just take this as opportunity to bring back back squat so do front back overhead squat rotating like that. think on it. Next time will get the 5 reps I imagine. Will see though. An outlier in the routine no biggie. Legs did seem weaker though that might have been the real issue. Maybe deadlift really nailed them, not sure. Tell you what lets take this poor performance as reason to try back squats with 95 goal 20 reps. Why not, just doing. did 20 man were they tough, did like only a very brief rest period after front squats also. Wonder what they are like fresh, these were tough, had to rest at top at like rep 8 then after every few all the way to 20. really felt burn. at end just lifted up and over head no biggie. Could do overhead squat every week and alternate front squat with back squat doing each one once every two weeks, think on it. rested after reps at top makes it much much easier I notice. Next workout overhead squat then front squat to see if was a fluke reps were so far down then begin alternation if not. if it is not a fluke may drop weight to 115 or so or even 95 and do 20 reps or so might be different. or could do a light heavy on front squat so 100 one workout or 95 and 135 the next. or could alternate wide versus narrow grip on front squats, that might be different. See what happens with next front squat workout first. Next time maybe more rest between deadlift and squat big time like 5 minutes or 10 don't really think a factor this workout though. Could drop to 115 and work back also, think on it and just test the 135 sometimes. Form is a bit bad on front squats with knees bowing in and body moving about I see that. One more front squat workout just to see if can get the 5 or 6 then perhaps a deload to 115 or so and focus on form and good reps with less lean all over the place.

Upright row narrow 103 plus 1 pound did last 11 days ago so upping 1 pound goal 7 reps. Did 7 good 1/2 a workout though from now on. Some slight chin lean in and rest after like rep 4 but good reps I think pretty strict.

Barbell curl strict 106 goal 5 reps did before triceps did 5 and that rep 5 was very tough didn't think would go up. Felt right wrist weakness big time on right side, very unusual, made even rep 2 and 3 tough. I think mixed griping with right hand for one rep might have contributed to right wrist weakness not sure though, perhaps a slight shift to save from dumping bar on rep 1 or 2 front squat might have affected right wrist also not sure. got the reps barely on barbell strict curl, very tough did lean back a bit to get the reps up. lowers not as good as they could be also and rep 5 was the toughest yet due to wrist I think right side. Might deload to 95 sometime soon perhaps just hand in there and get to 110 then deload gaining back 1 pound a workout till back to 100 then usual 1/2 a workout, think on it.

Triceps barbell extension 77 plus 1 pound goal 5 reps did 6 very good rep 6 might have been more an angled in to make easier but not sure, still oustanding. Felt left triceps sensation like rep 4 onward but kept on as it did not seem to affect weight I could us.

Barbell situps just with 45 pound bar experimental. Just for kicks. Holding in bench press position. tried with bar in bottom position sitting up very tough a rep or so then feet came up and bar tended to half to be raised into more top bench position or lowered to knees while situp is occuring as I usually do, 45 is too heavy I think, lets try lighter bar. even ligther bar tough to do without feet anchored. Anchor feet a bit against front of railing of bench and can situp with 45 pound barbell in bench position is tough though.

Excellent workout except for front squat all else very good, wrist weak so curls were tough but did get the 5 reps. Rep lower speed was not the best though. But ok.