Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday June 30 2007

Narrow grip military press 103 goal 10 reps. Did 9 only failed rep 10 not even half way up. Did do them slow and full extension though. Having a time getting that rep 10 back. I push pressed rep 10 up though. Next workout going up 1/2 pound anyway. (before work) looked back have been 103 for 9 reps for 4 weeks. Giving myself another 4 weeks to get to 10 reps, if don't do will begin changing things up. I am pretty sure I did much faster rep speed maybe faster negative and at top immediate reversal no full extension pause as I have been probably reason I do less now than in past but still wish to work back with this rep style. I think what I will do is narrow grip military press, wide grip push press, then narrow grip push press, wide grip military press, could do that way or narrow push press, wide push press, narrow military, wide military

Overhead Squat 68 goal 8 reps. Did 8 reps some reps seemed tough but did the 8 expected very good. (before work)

Dumbell row 94 goal 12 and 9 did 11 straight regrip and did 12 right after setting down for slight secodn and regripping. did 9 straight left side good, last rep or so did change angle of movement a bit on way upmore like a hammer rowing like that ok though. When get to 10 will increase weight might just put two or four 1/2 plates to get it up a bit. Grip is all mashed in so gripping area is smaller than a normal dumbell grip I notice. do have 7 and 1/2 plates so could do up 1 pound to 95 or 2 to 96 or up 5 to 99.

Old School Bench 140 goal 10 reps only did 7 failed at bottom felt a bit getting weight off. Got a bad setup head not on bench well. Clean felt like wrist or grip was weak also not exactly but like this a bit. Interesting. Could try alternating one day cleaning into position and one day doing the knee kick into position. Might try tape or something to mark where butt should be placed. Or if get bad setup lift set down and try agian think on it. Could try cleaning and getting into position for each rep might be different. could alternate 115 and 135 consider it. Could alternate flys with bench for a bit also think on it. Experimental just giving flies real quick also. did tens to easy then tried 15's did 9 reps basically straight arm really felt in pecs. Could alternate with dumbells on bench also.

Straightleg Deadlift slow lower 180 goal 15 reps did skipped tried one rep right wrist feels weak hard to grip bar. Wonder if this is due to dumbell row who knows. *skipped right wrist weak, felt a bit during clean for bench too I think Can do till nose is over bar a slight bit I think. tested after this set and pulld that far. Might take a while to get to 6 reps doing this movement second. with row progress as is could consider doing this first like once every week and a half, would have to reduce frequency on other row movements, I seem to be able to progress easy on them though. or could do fresh once a week alternating the row move I do the other day.

Upright Row wide 97 goal 8 reps did 8 pause at rep 3 rep 5 slightly missed chin by accident, 7 and 8 a slight lean in. All fairly strict form though no momentum speed.

Hang Clean 113 goal 20 reps *skipping because right wrist seems weak hard to grip bar on straightleg deadlift first rep came down fast. Since I am skipping this going to give door chins a try goal 6 reps might only do 5 or less though because wrist is weak. did like 4 and 3/4 on door chins last rep could not get all the way up I don't think. Counting this as 5 though with last a little "cheat or a bit partial like" Concentrate on full extension I think I was getting and all the way up till head about touches ceiling even if do less reps. Might take a while to get to 6 reps doing this a secondary move after rows.

Dumbell Curl Heavy increasing weight. Decided to go up to an even two ten pound plates and 2 quarters and collar per side might be 45 or so. did 6 right and 4 left very strict form.

Triceps extension 78 goal 5 or 6 reps. going to 80 like a a tard just seeing what I can do. Did 7 reps hard to believe am I figuring a way to cheat this up more? dont see it, I feel it in triceps also. Felt lot of pressure at bottom stretch position. Maybe I am pushing a bit but I don't think so. Form seems fairly consistant. may try one arm dumbell extensions after a rest just to see and underhand extensions just with bar. dumbell extension with dumbells trying did 15 20 easy normal and to the side extension 30 could do right left side could only do one rep and was hard. Reverse grip barbell extension did 45 pound bar easy. Experimented with delt raises bar underhand could do to parallel or overhead and overhand grip close grip could do overhead or parallel easy