Weight Training Workout Log for July 3 2007

Wide grip military press 113 goal 6 reps 5 only rep 6 not even half way up. Begin alternating push press and regular as I thought about. Might depend on part on how far I lean back I am basically pushing straight up. So begin narrow, wide push press, narrow push press, wide regular something like that.

Barbell row 162 goal 10 reps did 10 very good form

Old School Bench 141 plus 1 pound goal 9 reps, going to try microloading this.

Deadlift 237 plus 2 pounds that a lot, doing what I can double overhand then regrip as many times as need to in order to get 10 reps. did 6 in a row then regrip 7 regrip 8 regrip 9 regrip 10, resting a bit between each regrip rep. Lower was not under control with a slam down on later regrips big time. Next time same weight and aim for 7 in a row or same 6 with later reps under more control with less slam down. Do question if I am pulling them all the way up I think so though. Could have switched to mixed grip last rep or two but didn't really notice sweaty palms on last rep.

Front Squat 135 goal 6 reps, 4 would be more than last workout though. did 4 did not try for rep 5. Moving all about bending forward on rep 3 big time. One rep more than last time but one rep less than previous best. Big 5 pound weight increase deadlift last time might have been factor on this. See if get 5 next time. Might have to deload this also. If get 5 reps next time I do this might deload to 115 might be better overall with better form and less lean about struggle to get up. Think on it.

Upright Row narrow 103.5 goal 7 reps did 7 rep 7 barely missed chin some of later reps a bit form off I noticed ROM wise. Literally leaned in almost off balnace for one rep. Seemed heavier this time maybe wrist a bit off affected it. Will see how hang cleans go.

Hang clean skipped last time 113 goal 20 reps did 20 one rep accidentally didn't go all the way up not on purpose though how does one do that hard to do on purpose so no biggie. grip felt weak but did the 20. Noticed I was lowering against thighs a bit to make the lowering easier on the later reps. Still 20 is 20. Writs felt pumped afterwords big time. Felt a slight bit in upper back afterwords too.

One arm barbell curl 55 pounds goal 7 and 4 or ever how many I can do. did 7 right left 4 think best I have done before is March 24th tried 55 did 5 right 0 left. May 2 did 53 for 7 and 4. This time left hand was having trouble balancing had to like reset on rep 3 and 4 or so. Even moved stance as if I was not positioned right but I was. just was real tough to balance for left side. Was dangling all about. Right wrist really felt also. Right ones were pretty strict.

Triceps barbell extension going real crazy with 85 pounds see if I can do any reps, this should drop reps for certain. did 3 only and I did feel them. Might stick with 85 next time see if 4 reps is possible. If not might go back to 80 in a higher rep range and microload. see what works. Felt it in the triceps during and after immediately. This was heavy.